Curing Chicken Pox with Ginger: Is It Effective?

Chickenpox or Varicella is a circulating quickly illness characterized by a very itchy reddish and it is one of the most ordinary infectious ailment of childhood. Good thing there are a lot of ways to treat this illness. One of which is the use of the natural treatments, like ginger. The effects of curing chicken pox with ginger are quite impressive and you might be surprised about it.

Symptoms and Signs of the viral Chickenpox

It frequently starts without the usual fever, rashes, stomachache, headache and even sore throat. This syndrome may last for 1 week or less, the color red, itchy skin rashes mostly start at the back or at the abdomen and face, and then develops at most parts of the body (including the arms, genitals, scalp, and legs.) the rashes start as many as small reddish bumps that came through with insect bites or pimples. They come out in waves for almost 2 to 4 days then grow into a thin-walled pimple filled with fluid. The pimple walls break, leaving unclosed sores, which completely crust over to turn into dry and brown scabs.

What are the Origins of Chickenpox?

Chickenpox is generated by the VZV or Varicella –Zoster Virus. This is a kind of virus can cause a painful skin rash called shingles or Herpes Zoster.

Are you searching for a solution for chickenpox to make less painful in itching suffering?

Although this contamination appears only once in a lifetime, make it as gentle as possible virus stays inactive in the nervous system for the rest of her or his life, despite the chickenpox beat it. The virus can restart again later as shingles.

Shingles syndrome includes itching, pain in 1 part of the body or tingling, followed by rashes with red blisters and bumps.  Fortunately, teenagers and kids who get shingles mostly have mild cases, serious shingles cases mostly are in older persons. Children who are immunized against chickenpox are much less expected to develop shingles when they get young.

Is Chickenpox Endemic?

Chickenpox is very Endemic, most Childs sibling who`s contaminated will also get it. (If they haven’t encountered the chickenpox or the vaccine), showing syndrome about two weeks after the 1st child does. The Chickenpox infection spreads both through the air (by sneezing and coughing) and any direct contact with fluid from the rashes, saliva, and mucus. Chickenpox is endemic from about two days before the rashes start until an entire pimple are crusted over.

If someone has shingles he or she can disseminate chickenpox (not a shingle) to a person who hasn’t encounter yet the chickenpox or the vaccine. (Shingles can only grow in a person who has previously had chickenpox.)

Newborn babies, pregnant women or anyone with a weak immune system for example cancer patients or treatments like steroids or chemotherapy who gets chickenpox should consult the doctor immediately.

How to prevent Chickenpox?

The vaccine for chicken is 99 percent persuasive at preventing the infection for the child. The doctor advised that children get the chickenpox antitoxin as:

  1. A 1st injection when they are 12-15 months of age.
  2. A supporter shot when they are 4-6 years of age.

If the pregnant woman encounters chicken pox before the pregnancy, the baby will be secured from the injection for the 1st few months, since the mother`s protection is passed on the baby through the breast milk and placenta.

How to treat Chickenpox?

The infection causes chickenpox so that medicine can’t treat it.  But some medicines are needed if the virus infects the sores. This very common with children because they pick and scratch the blisters.

Never give painkiller medicine to kids with chickenpox because it is linked to an infrequent but a serious ailment. Like Reye disease which can lead to the liver problem and even death.

Here are the Homemade Ingredients to Cure Chickenpox:

Ginger and water


  1. Wash the ginger to take off all traces of bacteria and germs.
  2. Next, take off the skin with a blade and it into pieces.
  3. When you go to equip the bath of your loved ones (Like your family) add a small piece on the bathwater.
  4. Rub the ginger all over the body
  5. After a minute, rinse the body and dry it with a very soft towel to avoid marks and blistering appear to exploit.
  6. Through this remedy, you can make less painful in itching caused by infection and blisters will not cause irritation for your love ones.
  7. The ginger also helps to ease the irritation and fight the itch of the chicken fox.
  8. It is essential to note that we have a superlative natural ingredient for endless home remedies, as it is antidiarrheal, antivomitivo and digestive ideal to lessen bad breath.
  9. Put into a routine this trick common health almost once a day until tingle own chicken pox has disappeared.

The importance of ginger for chicken pox:

  • It is made with normal ingredients
  • This is a commercial remedy
  • It acknowledges itching from chickenpox

Its precaution is simple and efficient.


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