Top 5 Upper Body Exercises for Women

The strength of your upper body is really important for performing almost every other activity in your day to day life, for instance, purchasing fruits and veggies from the market or pulling something or the other. However, to strengthen the upper body becomes quite challenging for the women. It may be because of the body build up of women, as men tend to carry most of their muscle mass in their upper bodies whereas women carry most of their muscles in the lower part of their bodies hence, it becomes difficult for the women to manage perfect pushups though they are pretty good at performing squats.

There are a plethora of benefits for doing upper body workout such as enhancing the metabolic rate of the body, decreases the chances of bone deterioration, boosts confidence levels and enhances the posture. Let us look at top 5 tips or exercises that have been recommended by the trained professionals for strengthening the upper body for women which are mentioned below:

1.    Pushups


It is one of the most effective moves for reducing body weight and increasing the strength of shoulder muscles. Without using any equipment, it helps in lightening up all of your body making it stronger than before. All you have to do is that you have to lie down on the mat and take a plank position with the core slightly upwards. Then, you have to bend your elbows for lowering your chest and bring it as nearer to the floor as possible so that the elbows come in a diagonal position with respect to your body. Then you have to take a pause in the same position and in order to come back in original position, you have to raise your body by pushing your hands in the upward direction. For the beginners, it is recommended to drop the knees on the floor to make it easier for performing the full move.

2.    Renegade Rows


This is a wonderful exercise to make your muscles moving in a single go and it also helps in strengthening the muscles and burns a high number of calories. It not only anchors your muscles, rather it challenges your back, core and shoulder muscles. To perform this exercise, you have to start with the plank position with a dumbbell in both the hands. You have to wrap your left hand around the dumbbell and keep it pressing on the floor, and then you have to raise your core a little and bend the right elbow so as to put the right dumbbell on the side of the torso. Simultaneously, you have to keep your body under plank position and then you may repeat the same on the other side. Do it alternatively till all the repetitions are done.

3.    Pull-ups


Pull-ups help in lightening your back muscles, and biceps. It is a wonderful exercise for tightening of core muscles. As a beginner, if you finding it difficult to perform a full pull-up, then you can always opt for assisted pull-ups using a pull-up machine. All you have to do is that you have to stand over an assistance platform and then you have to hold the pull-up bar with a broad handgrip. Then you should engage your core muscles and then you have to bend your elbows in such a way that your body gets pulled till your hands surround the head region. Then you have to lower your body in the original position and repeat the same procedure again and again.

4.    Bench Dips


This particular exercise targets the chest region, shoulder muscles, triceps and upper back portion. For doing this exercise, you have to sit on one side of the bench with your hands in such a position that it is under the shoulder. Then you should slightly raise your butt off the bench and keep your feet walking until your legs become straight and heels come down to the floor. Bend your elbows for lowering your body in a downward position unless you feel a stretch in your shoulders and chest. Then, bring your body back in the original position by pushing your hands in an upward direction.

5.    Chest press


It is a very beneficial exercise for strengthening of chest and shoulders and puts more emphasis on the triceps. Trained professionals suggest that using dumbbells for chest press helps in preventing the imbalance of muscles and also assists in engaging the core muscles. It also helps in stabilising muscles of the body.

For doing this exercise, you have to hold two dumbbells and lie on a bench. Then press your arms and chest for extending the dumbbells in an overhead position. Make sure to tighten your elbows on to the sides and then bring your arms to the original position.


Therefore, these are the above mentioned 5 tips for exercising to do an effective upper body workout and strengthen the muscles of your shoulders and tightening core.


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