Top 7 Foods To Balance Blood Sugar

When it comes to blood sugar it is very essential to maintain the balance of it in our body. That is the reason why it is very essential that you consume the proper amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrate so that the level of your blood sugar remains balanced in our body. Type II diabetes is a very common disease and it mainly occurs when the level of the blood sugar or glucose becomes higher than the normal. That is the reason why it is highly required that the balance of the blood sugar is maintained. In this article, we have come with some essential food that will help us to balance the level of blood sugar.

1. Coconut oil:


Coconut is very beneficial and provides unique benefits in maintaining the balance blood sugar. It has an excellent source of fat especially Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). MCT is a kind of fat with the help of which it becomes possible to convert into the source of energy which is called as ketones. When these ketones are burnt in place of sugar the blood sugar is naturally stabilized and it as helps in improving the burning the fat. You can find ketones in many coconut products such as coconut-based oil, butter as well as milk.

2. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is a highly antioxidant-rich food and it also helps in stabilising the blood sugar. It also helps in improving insulin sensitivity. With the help of cinnamon, glucose can be easily transported from the blood into the cells. In the market, you can find two main types cinnamon and they are Cassia and Ceylon. Among Cassia and Ceylon, it is seen that Ceylon is more efficient in stabilising the blood sugar. Apart from that, Ceylon contains coumarin which has lower amounts of compound and it has an undesirable effect on the liver if it is consumed regularly in huge quantity.

3. Raw Chocolate:


In recent research, it is found that raw chocolate is very helpful in stabilizing the blood sugar. It contains minerals such as magnesium and chromium. Chromium is a kind of mineral which helps in improving the functioning of insulin as well as helps in stabilizing the blood sugar. That is the reason why it is seen that chromium helps in reducing the desire of taking sugar. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C. Apart from that it also has a huge amount of dietary zinc and it will largely help in improving blood sugar stability.

4. Green tea:



Green tea has powerful antioxidant which not only helps in fighting with the inflammation and cancer but also helps in balancing the blood sugar. When green tea is consumed the fat burning capacity is improved and with that, it becomes possible to stabilize the blood sugar. This is how green tea helps in protecting you from diabetes as well as cardiac disease. Thus along with stabilizing the level of blood sugar green tea also has many other benefits such as it helps in fighting with allergies, depressions, reducing body fats, improving memory, improving skin health, etc.

5. Apple cider vinegar:

It is seen that apple cider vinegar is found to balance the blood sugar in several ways. In apple cider vinegar acetic acid is found which helps in controlling the fluctuation in blood sugar when it is combined with various kinds of meal. Apart from that, it also helps in improving the digestion, reducing carbohydrate craving as well as improving fat burning. That is the reason why it highly recommends putting apple cider vinegar to put on food or mix it with soups as well as stews.

6. Lemons and limes:

Lemons and limes are very helpful in stabilizing the blood sugar as a result of their naturally occurring citric acid. Both lemons and limes help in lowering the level of glycemic load that are present in our meal. Apart from that, it also helps in improving digestion, enhance the level of Vitamin C, rejuvenating the skin as well as healing the injuries. Thus it is highly recommended to take lemon water as much as possible especially during the summer season. It also helps

7. Avocados:

Avocado is very beneficial in our body along with stabilising the blood sugar level. In avocado there is a huge amount of minerals, fibers, fats, etc. that assist in balancing the level of sugar in our body. Apart from that, avocado also has a huge source of Vitamin B that has a great amount of energy. In avocado, there is a special type of sugar molecule which is called as D-mannoheptulose. This is the kind of sugar with which it becomes possible to lower the level of insulin. Thus, it is recommended to consume at least two or three avocados per day.


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