10 Beauty Essentials For College Girls

A college student is in the midst of several life dilemmas. One part says to focus on the future & another grab your hand to enjoy the present. During these years your skin demands more care as it is slowly leaving tenderness of teenage & being vulnerable to exterior climate. One cannot ignore the never-ending urge to look good all the time. Let’s see some of the essential products which will help you in all dimensions.

Face Wash

We strongly recommend you to carry a Face Wash always in your bag. Please decide to use a face wash which suits your skin type. One must wash the face after every 4 hours at least. College students spend a good amount of time outside. Be it a movie date or a rigorous field work for the assignment; don’t let the filth of the climate to take a toll on your look. Ensure to carry a suitable face wash with you & use it regularly. Use your nykaa coupons & grab one of your choices. This will keep your pores clean & breathable. Thanks to the website, you have access to a huge variety of beauty products


One must not underestimate the significance of a moisturizer in a beauty regime. Be sure to choose a moisturizer which has compatibility with your skin type. Also, get one which is non-greasy texture after application. This is one very important check-point as using a normal sticky lotion will pose a risk of accumulation of dust & dirt on your skin surface. You should moisturize your skin every day before bedtime, this is a very essential ritual which will help the regeneration of dead cells & keep your skin hydrated.

Sunscreen Lotion

All of know that due to climatic change a huge amount of UV rays cannot get filtered & reaches on the surface of the earth. You have to make sure your skin gets maximum protection from UV rays & direct sunlight burns. Go for a sunscreen lotion considering the harshness of the sun in your surrounding & SPF count it offers. We just cannot stay indoors, but taking due care of the skin before stepping out should not be missed. Here too, you have to take into account your skin type whether oily, dry or mix.

Compact Powder

Just imagine you get a chance to share a table with your biggest college crush & he gets to see all the unevenness of your face. No, a situation we would like to be in. One fact is that till you know the person better, the appearance becomes an important binding factor between people. Go for a compact powder invariably before all your public appearances. One must understand her skin tone & choose the shade accordingly. Never try to go for a lighter shade. Please remember looking one shade lighter hardly matters, but having an even skin which hides all the marks & blemishes will surely do the wonders for you.


You would have noticed all the leading young actresses, always wear a hint of blush on their face. Having natural blush on a face is surely a boon for anyone. However, for rest ordinary girls like us, there is help available. Having a rosy touch on your cheeks will surely give a natural spark to your face. Get yourself trained using tutorials available on the net & use the brush perfectly to highlight that lovely cheekbone of yours.

Lip Gloss

Lips are one of the most prominent facial features for us. The sparkling smile will work magic if used with a hint of shade. Please use a lip gloss which has moisturizer mixed with it. Look for the one which has a shade/tone which suits your skin color. This will save you from using lip balm, lipstick & gloss. Just all in one & you are absolutely good to go. Settle down for a mild or soft shade for daily wear, which will save you from giving a vibe of “trying too hard”.

Kohl Pencil

Eyes are the most alluring spots on your face. Accentuate these beautiful parts using a Kohl pencil. Eyes having a prominent outline gives a very positive & strong vibe. If you feel you have smaller than average eyes, generously use the pencil on the edges of your lashes & create a magical look for yourself. If you gain enough confidence in using this useful beauty tool, go for a bold & thick pencil for a thicker lining.

Dry Shampoo

Having oily hair when you are in rush to go for a hangout is the last thing we want. Dry Shampoo can be termed as a life-saver if we talk about hair. College students keep running between classes, seminars & rest fun activities. Sometimes time doesn’t help you to take care of your hair appropriately. Well, thankfully we are in an era where most of your problems have a solution. Just apply spray on the roots & a quick blowout will do the magic.

Body Spray

Having a pleasant visual can be easily complemented with an aroma around. Try & wear a pleasant & mild fragrance every time & see how many heads will turn to have a glance of you. Make sure you are not allergic to such artificial fragrances. Choose a refreshing close to the natural fragrance which should just merge in without any discomfort to people around. This is to be used along with body deodorant, as they have absolutely different functionalities.

Face Friendly Wet Wipes

Every day putting on the makeup & beauty products is essential. Equally essential is the need to remove everything from your precious skin for allowing it to breathe. Whenever not necessary make sure you wipe your face for all the dust & excess oil & make space for freshness. Repeat this during the day whenever you are not able to wash your face. Clean & fresh skin will surely be less susceptible to pimples, acne & other inconsistencies.

Every college girl aspires & dreams to look best among all. One has to keep into consideration that no matter what product you apply, your best make-up is confidence & the natural glow from within. You have to keep a good tab on your food habits as well. A well-balanced diet will gift you unparalleled glow on skin & positive feel from within. You can surely enhance your natural beauty using the products mentioned here & have an awesome college-life full of attention.


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