Top 9 Trans Fat Foods to Avoid

More often than not, trans fats are our worst enemy. In fact, research suggests that they can increase the risk of heart conditions, cancer, inflammation and even obesity. In order to stabilize this, the Food and Drug Administration has put restrictions on the use of trans fats, but many of the foods we habitually overeat are full of partial trans fats.

If you think you’ve gained weight, are finding it hard to lose weight or do not feel as fit as you used to be, you must start avoiding foods that are high in trans fats. In this article, we are going to discuss which foods these are.

First and foremost, though, you will need to know why trans fats are really bad for you. Let’s go back to the basics and understand what trans fats are and how they really affect our body.

What are Trans Fats?

Trans fats, often referred to as unsaturated fatty acids, are found in products such as beef, lamb, butter and milk. These natural trans fat sources aren’t dangerous if moderately consumed, but keep reading to learn why excessive consumption is bad for you.

Unsaturated fatty acids’ chemical structure has more than one double bond and a cis configuration. Nonetheless, many food companies habitually use them by partially hydrogenating the so-called cis-trans fats. This process enhances the taste, is inexpensive and helps increase their shelf life, but it is dangerous to the health.

Trans fats have the ability to lower good cholesterol while increasing bad cholesterol, a balance that increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. It can also cause sudden weight gain and may ultimately lead to diabetes or other obesity-related conditions.

Therefore, it is best to avoid foods high in trans fat. Continue reading to learn which foods to avoid.

Top 9 Trans Fat Foods to Avoid

Below are the top 9 trans fat-rich foods to avoid:

  1. Non-Dairy Creamers

Non-dairy creamers don’t contain traditional cream. In order to make up for the taste and texture, they contain trans fat. This is particularly true for flavored creamers, such as the hazelnut and French vanilla varieties. You should use traditional creamers to avoid consuming trans fat with it.

  1. Ice Cream

This is bad news for those who love ice cream, but the ones we buy at the store usually have ample amounts of trans fats and sugar and may increase the risk of heart conditions, diabetes and obesity.

  1. Waffles and Pancakes

We all love pancakes and waffles for breakfast, but they’re not so great for the health, especially if you make them with a ready-made waffle or pancake mix. Instead, opt to make your own batter and use healthy oil to cook them.

  1. Peanut Butter

There is no denying that peanuts are healthy, but they are rich in calories. As a matter of fact, peanuts have healthy fats in them, beneficial when consumed in moderation. The next time you eat peanut butter, think about the trans fat that you are consuming and what can it do to your health.

  1. Frozen Foods

Frozen foods and frozen ready-to-eat foods are oozing with trans fat, which goes along with sugar, salt and carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, they have about 1 gram of trans fat in every serving. Avoid buying these foods in order to cut down on your intake of trans fat.

  1. Fried Foods

Even though crispy fried foods are delicious, they are not healthy. As a matter of fact, the FDA states that even if a label says that it has 0 grams trans fat, it is a hoax, and it still contains a lot of trans fat. Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid consuming fried foods.

  1. Cream-Filled Candies

These yummy and gooey treats contain approximately 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving. Consuming these in excessive amounts can be dangerous, while their sugar content can make you gain weight or even prevent you from losing it.

  1. Microwave Popcorns

Who wouldn’t want to eat popcorn while watching a movie? Even though this is a delicious treat, the butter used to cook it contains about 0.2 grams of trans fat.

  1. Pies and Cakes

Among all of the trans fat foods to avoid, these are probably the worst. Who doesn’t love cakes and pies? I guess no one. Nevertheless, these are oozing with trans fat. Avoid them, and you can avoid various chronic conditions.


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