Top 5 Natural Home Remedies for Blemishes

Blemishes happen as dark spots or skin discolouration and are normally triggered by the breakouts of acne. In addition, there are another contributing factors to blemishes, including genetics, poor diet, aging, hormonal imbalance and improper skin care.

In fact, blackheads, pimples and whiteheads are identified as blemishes, which are caused by clogged pores. Unsightly blemishes are mostly found in the neck, shoulders, face and back.

Nowadays, people are trying to apply some skin care products that are flooded on the market. However, they are often chemical-based and expensive. Instead of using these products, you should take a closer look at some of the natural and effective home remedies for blemishes.

1. Lemon Juice

The reason why lemon juice is mentioned as one of the most incredible treatments for blemishes comes from its effect of lightening skin. The juice can also help remove dark spots along with hyperpigmentation thanks to the bleaching effect.

Besides, the citric acid present in lemon juice aids in exfoliating your skin, removing the excessive oil and thereby, eliminating acne resulting in bacteria. It minimizes the occurrence of large pores and makes your skin become smooth.

How to apply:

Prepare a lemon and take its juice

Simply rub the juice over your skin

Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off

Perform the treatment daily or until your condition gets better

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is a well-known method to help you get rid of blemishes. Thanks to its rich source of alpha hydroxy acids, the vinegar enables to lighten dark spots, balance the pH levels of the skin, remove excessive oil and open the clogged pores. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents in ACV helps battle significantly acne breakouts.

How to apply:

Add one part of organic ACV to three parts of water (In case it is too strong, let’s raise the amount of water.)

Soak a cotton ball into the mixture before rubbing it over your affected skin area

Wait for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off

Follow the treatment thrice per day until your blemishes go away

3. Avocado

Undeniably, your skin can get lots of advantages because one of the most impressive health benefits of avocado is removing blemishes. This fruit is a good source of vitamins as well as minerals that help in nourishing the skin, hence eliminating some common skin problems.

How to apply:

Prepare a ripe avocado and extract its pulp

Mix it with several drops of olive oil

Spread the mixture across the face and leave it 30 minutes

Wash your face off with clean water

Repeat the same process for 3 times every week or until your blemishes fade away

4. Orange Peel

Another effective home remedies for blemishes is orange peel. It serves as a natural bleach in order to help lighten the skin and then eliminate acne scars as well as blemishes. Apart from that, the peel can help remove suntan and its high source of antioxidant and Vitamin C support the skin tone and leave it a youthful glow.

How to apply:

Add two teaspoons of orange peel power to one teaspoon of each of plain yogurt and honey

Rub the solution over your skin and wait for 15 minutes

Wash it off with clean water

Perform the remedy thrice per week until your condition gets improved

You can opt for buying the orange peel powder at a health food store or making it by yourself by drying the peels under the sun for several days and grinding them to a powder.

5. Strawberries

Containing antioxidants and some essential nutrients, strawberries help greatly with maintaining your clear skin. Vitamin C, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and elegiac acid present in strawberries help with dead skin removal, combat with acne and fade your scars.

How to apply:

Take about three strawberries and have them mashed by a fork

Add them to two teaspoons of honey and plain yogurt

Mix it with a teaspoon of ground oatmeal

Apply the solution to your neck and face

Wait for 15 minutes

Remove it of by using a warm cloth

Perform the remedy two times per week for a few weeks.