Treat Male Pattern of Baldness with Effective Hair Loss Solution

Male Pattern of Baldness

Dear men, are you losing your confidence due to receding hairline? Let’s talk about it so that it’s easy for you to find a hair fall solution. Males have a different pattern of baldness which is known as androgen tic alopecia. Men affected by this suffer hair thinning from the front region, right above the temples. This starts about the age of thirty to thirty-five or a lot of men even get it by reaching puberty. This is a progressive condition; therefore it needs right treatment to prevent heavy baldness.

Do you know the cause of baldness in men?

cause of baldness in men

There are different factors that cause male pattern baldness but this is mostly genetic. Apart from this, there are other factors like improper diet, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise and environmental factors. The affected area does not always become bald but hair miniaturisation happens. It means long and thick hair no more exists instead short hair grows sparsely. Androgens are highly responsible for this symptom. Male sex hormone testosterone plays a role in male baldness. The body converts the testosterone into DTH but research says that this does not directly cause baldness. Hair thinning in males is caused when the hair follicles of the scalp become over sensitive and this is caused by the reaction of DTH.

You need a treatment

A lot of men suffer from psychological phenomena and this decreases the quality o life. Hair loss is itself tremendously distressing because when you lose hair, your youth is gone.

Hair Loss Solution

A perfect hair loss solution means a proper treatment, early intervention is absolutely important. There are many units that have started natural hair loss treatments using essential herbs like stinging nettle and saw palmetto etc. There are different supplements that contain vitamin and antioxidants to fight this condition. Apart from this, there are other chemical processes that are very effective. Might you have also heard about hair transplants? This is a surgical process where expert doctors place an entire unit of the hair follicle with the help of surgery. This procedure needs expert hands or else the result can be awful.

You do not need to worry much because the main thing you need to do it to stimulate the hair follicles so that they become active again. Get hold of the best oral supplements to get best results. It’s essential to feed the hair follicles with important nutrients. Experts usually suggest the best quality topical creams for external application along with supplements. Did you hear of Biotin? It is a Vitamin B that is commonly found in multi-vitamin supplements. Biotin gives healthy hair, skin and nails. These are only a few and there are many more.

Talking about medications, here are a few effective ones:

Minoxidil – It is an effective cream for hair growth and it has been found effective upon daily application

Finasteride – This stops the testosterone to convert into DTH but this medicine is only prescribed for men.

Procera – It is loaded with natural ingredients that prevent hair loss and can stop male baldness. You can see new hair growing.


Now, there is no need to suffer from anxiety if you find a lump of hair coming out with your comb. This can be treated and you can gain back your confidence.


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