Understanding And Ensuring If You Are Getting A Good Sleep

The whole story of sleep goes through the hearing of many myths and many right facts. What is a myth and what is a fact must be cleared out first to make the mind stick to one particular routine and thought about understanding sleep? This is important because many people, who otherwise have a normal life and average health also report going through sleep disorders and problems. Many people wake up in the middle of the night and then cannot go back to sleep again. Many cannot fall asleep at the right time when they are on the bed and totally retired from all work. In this way, there are many problems with sleep an average person faces in daily life. And then one starts wondering if I am sleeping right, if I am getting the right amount of sleep if things are alright in my life, and so on.

Understanding If You Really Have A Sleeping Problem

The answers to these questions lie in the understanding of the fact that if you really have healthy sleeping habits or trouble sleeping. What you may be thinking as a troubled sleeping may not be that bad, and not actually be a problem. Maybe you are getting enough sleep and rest already, and in some cases, you may be having sleep apnea and other such problems too. Hence to understand it right, you need the right guide. You can understand this through some simple observations. Find out:

  • If you are you dozing off and can’t keep your eyes open while you are working?
  • Are you feeling like nodding and closing your eyes while driving?
  • Do people in your work often complain against you for snoring or dozing off in between work, meetings, vital training and sessions etc.?
  • Do you often get into short sleep between conversations at any time of the day suddenly?
  • Do you always feel sleepy?
  • Do you experience a foggy mind throughout, and feel fresh only after you wake up for just a few hours in the morning?
  • Do you ever feel fresh and lively in the morning or feel tired and un-fresh even after waking up in the morning?
  • What does your mood say? Do you think you are getting inadequate sleep and feel irritability at the same time?

All these things can help you get a good understanding of your own sleep patterns and problems associated with it. When you observe things in this much detail, only then you can think about rectifying your sleeping or making the right arrangements to sleep better.

Finally- Cultivating The Right Sleeping Conditions

Some things always help you sleep better. They are:

  • Low light conditions and especially choosing the night time for the sleep.
  • Sleeping early and avoiding late nights.
  • Avoiding tension and anxiety before sleep is important. If you take a bath, or aroma massage, or try music with aroma oil, then you may cultivate the right conditions for better
  • Meditation for a few minutes at night before sleeping helps.
  • Definitely a good bed and comfortable pillows and mattress help you sleep better.

If you get things right, then without medicines and pills also you can get better sleep.


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