Vibration Therapy – The Medicine Of The Future

What is Vibration therapy?

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.” – Prof. Dr William Tiller, Nobel Prize winner, a quantum physicist at Stanford University.

Vibrational medicine is a term that is increasingly used in circles that in Western medicine advocate for the concept of integrative medicine, and it involves a lot of things, ranging from ancient to modern methods, where vibration is used as a means of treatment.

They call this medicine quantum, energetic, but most experts believe that the most suitable name is – vibrating.

In applying the finest, subtle levels of energy, at least as far as popularity is concerned on the global level, it may be the most famous.

Vibrational medicine – the medicine of the future

This method, authored by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, is based on the principle – similar to a similar treatment. In other words, in order to give the patient, in support of his self-healing mechanisms, which already exist in him (and which are called vital force), provide non-invasive vibrations, which serve to stimulate these (for some reason blocked or insufficiently active) mechanisms, in the form of recognizing these small vibrations as an upcoming (much greater) danger.

These stimulating vibrations carry in themselves a message that through our self-serving mechanisms gives us the necessary energy to move and change the image of our being not only to cure a current acute or chronic illness but also to his healing in its entirety.

The definition of our organism, i.e. the beings, according to which we are nothing else – the condensed set of vibrations comes from ancient times, from ancient esoteric wisdom, that “as it is upward, so is it down”, ie. that in the cosmos, it is so in the finest part of this matter.

The next assumption that the image of vibration, more or less concentrated energy, is everywhere and always the same, physicist Dr. David Boum proves that there is a so-called. the intricate order of the holographic universe. In such a universe, higher levels of order and information can be holographically written in the structure of the universe and matter/energy. This also implies that if such a cosmic hologram already exists, then every part of the universe contains information about the creation of the entire cosmos.

And as a man is a set of thickened vibrations, the same goes for plants, water, wind, but also wood, metal, everything!

Recognized methods in the modern world

This is just the crown of a scientific story, i.e. that even over the tiniest, the determined particle of matter there is something subtler, something that moves it, and what scientists have baptize as – energy.

The energy that causes vibration is actually a synonym for the ubiquitous energy moving. Whatever it is, it’s a central topic of numerous methods recognized in contemporary medicine, of which the most famous and most recognized are: acupuncture (ie Chinese medicine), laser therapy, MRT (magnetic resonance), magnetic therapy therapy (MADU), homeopathy, therapy with flower essences (ie, therapy with Bahov caps), music therapy, chromotherapy, meditation, yoga (but not only as stretching, but as a whole as well as pranayama and meditation), solar yoga (sangejzing), crystal therapy, information medicine (informoterapia), Pranic Healing, Reiki, reconciliation, tai chi, qigong, aromatherapy, regression therapy, shamanic healing methods.


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