What Are The Best Foods To Boost Lung Health?

Lungs are one of the most important organs in the body. Without it, we will not be able to breathe properly. We will not also be able to absorb oxygen, which the body organs need to function appropriately. We need our lungs to live. That’s why proper caring of it is necessary. There are a lot of ways of taking care of the lungs –one is watching the foods that we eat. Good thing, there are lots of foods to boost lung health, which we can choose from. These include oranges, garlic, carrots, ginger, collard greens, blueberries, pumpkin, spinach, salmon, and beans, among others.

Importance of Lung Health

As stated earlier, lungs are one of the most important and most frequently used organs in the body. This is what makes them very important to protect. Though the other organ systems are a bit less important for the daily survival, the lungs are continuously working hard in order to provide enough oxygen to the body, even while sleeping. In spite of the significance of these life-sustaining organs, a lot of people unknowingly or consciously put their lungs into harm every single day. They whether engage in smoking, or expose themselves to unsettled health conditions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor diet, and industrial pollution, among others.

A lot of people do not realize the point on which the lung condition threatens the population. As a matter of fact, tens of millions of people all over the world suffer from some kind of lung conditions. Not just that, millions and millions of people every year die of these lung conditions. COPD, allergies, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and many more afflictions may put us at risk every time. Good thing, there are various ways that you can use in order to avoid the shortening of your life.

Reducing the exposure to all forms of air pollution, quitting smoking, lung cleansing techniques, as well as some other strategies, may be used in improving lung health. Good thing, many of these are very effective. Nevertheless, one of the most significant parts of the lung health comes in a very unusual form –the diet.

As a matter of fact, diet can be one of the most effective and quickest ways to boost lung health as well as protect yourself from any lung conditions. Let’s go further to the best foods to boost lung health.

Best Foods to Boost Lung Health

Here are some of the best foods to boost lung health:


Hydration is very important for the overall health. But this does not necessarily mean that you will put water in the lungs –that’s not a good thing. You just need to make sure that the body has a sufficient amount of water as it is essential for lung health. Getting rid of toxins as well as the efficiency of the lung function is based on the sufficient amount of water in the cells and tissues of the lungs. After all, health always starts and ends with water.


The curcumin component of the turmeric is an active ingredient, which has a connection to the cancer treatment and prevention. Furthermore, the antioxidant potential of the turmeric is known, yet its anti-inflammatory properties is also astounding. It is also beneficial in treating various common lung infections, just like asthma.


Even though all the fruits are beneficial for lung health because of their rich vitamin C content, apples are specifically rich in antioxidants and is rich in fiber as well. There are some studies that suggest the effects of this fruit in treating lung cancer and asthma. Just like the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away –in this case, the lung specialist is what we’re referring to as the doctor.


There are lots of lung benefits that the flaxseed possesses –this includes the increase in the lung tissue repair and regeneration, as well as adding strength in preventing future damage. It’s also been so beneficial in the radiation treatments for those who have lung cancer. Not just that, it also helps in the healing process of the body.


There is an ample amount of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and various carotenoids in the pumpkin. These are what makes it ideal in protecting the lung health. A lot of the nutrients in the pumpkins have a connection in lowering the levels of lung cancer and oxidative stress.


There is an ample amount of vitamin C in the guava. This does not just increase the antioxidant activity, which prevents cancer but also possesses antiviral properties, which keep the lungs healthy, specifically against pneumonia.


The rich omega 3 fatty acids in the salmon are essential in treating inflammation all over the body, including the lungs. It may also help in reducing the symptoms of asthma, as well as protect against any attacks.


There are lots of nutrients in the beans, which make them an essential part of the diet. Nonetheless, the folate in it, is specifically significant. This is essential in the reduction of the risk of COPD, a common and lethal lung condition.


There are some other foods to boost lung health, and are all available in the internet. These are only some of the best that you can choose from Check them out!!


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