What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Fish Oil?

Fish oil is touted as one of the most ordinarily dietary supplements all over the world. Its own rich omega 3 fatty acid content is very essential for the health. If you are not fond of eating oily fish, you may still acquire the essential nutrients in it. This is through fish oil supplement, which may help you in getting enough levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Give this article a read and get to know about the amazing health benefits of fish oil.

What is Fish Oil?

As its name implies, the fish oil is the oil or fat from the fish tissue. Usually, it comes from the oily fish like mackerel, anchovies, tuna, and herring. Nevertheless, sometimes, it is being produced from the livers of some other fish, just like with the cod liver oil.

It is recommendable by the World Health Organization that you eat 1 to 2 portions of fish every peek. This is for the reason that the omega 3 fatty acids on fishes are beneficial in giving you a lot of benefits for the health. This includes giving protection from various conditions. Nevertheless, if you don’t eat the recommendable portions, as what I have said earlier, you may take fish oil supplement.

Moreover, about 30 percent of the fish oil is made up of omega 3 fatty acids, while the remaining 70 percent is from some other fats. In addition, the unprocessed fish oil possess some vitamin A and D. it is very important to bear in mind that the types of the omega 3s present in the fish oil possess much greater health benefits than the omega 3s present in various plant sources.

The major omega 3 fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. On the other hand, the omega 3 fatty acid in plants is mainly the ALA or alpha-linolenic acid. Even though ALA is an important fatty acid, the DHA and the EPA have so much more health benefits.

One more reason why getting enough omega 3 is very important is that the Western diet has already replaced lots of omega 3s with some other fats including the omega 6s. this particular distortion of the ratio of the fatty acid may contribute to various Western lifestyle conditions.

Supplementing with Fish Oil

As what I’ve stated above, if you are not a fan of eating oily fish, you may take fish oil supplement. If you want to try and buy one, there is one excellent selection on various online sites. Below are some things to consider when taking fish oil supplement:

  • Dosage: DHA and EPA dosage recommendations may vary depending on the age and health. Furthermore, the World Health Organization recommends an everyday intake of about 0.2 to 0.5 grams of the combined DHA and EPA. Nevertheless, it may be important to increase the dosage if you’re nursing, pregnant, or at risk of heart conditions. You should choose a fish oil supplement, which may provide at least 300 milligrams of DHA and EPA every serving.
  • Form: Fish oil supplement may come in a lot of forms, including triglycerides, free fatty acids, ethyl esters, and phospholipids.
  • Concentration: A lot of supplements may contain about 1000 milligrams of fish oil every serving, yet only about 300 milligrams of DHA and EPA.
  • Purity: Many supplements may not contain the ingredients that they say they do. In order to avoid this, choose the supplement that is tested by a third party or the ones that have a GOED standard of purity.
  • Freshness: Oxidation is rampant in omega 3s, thus making it rancid. To avoid this, you may choose a supplement that has antioxidants.
  • Sustainability: Select a fish oil that has a certification of its sustainability.
  • Timing: The best time to take your fish oil supplement is with a meal that has fat in it.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Here are some of the health benefits of fish oil:

  • Helps in improving the blood circulation. The fish oil is beneficial in improving the blood circulation alongside the reduction of serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Helps in improving fertility. The rich omega 3 fatty acids in it are beneficial in the improvement of fertility and cell division. Research states that when the males got fed with a diet that is rich in fish oil, the sperm quality is much better and enhanced.
  • Helps in treating cancer. The fish oil is beneficial in reducing the weight loss to patients who suffer from cancer like pancreatic cancer. The supplements may also be beneficial to those who suffer from hyperlipidemia. This is one of the best health benefits of fish oil.
  • Helps the eye health. The fish oil is beneficial in improving the vision. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in avoiding various age-related macular degeneration.
  • Helps in relieving anxiety and depression. Since it has omega 3 fatty acids, it is beneficial in relieving depression, stress, anxiety, sadness, and many other nervous conditions.
  • Helps in reducing inflammation. The fish oil is effective in reducing the inflammation in the tissues and in the blood. Furthermore, the regular consumption of the supplement is also beneficial to those who suffer from inflammatory conditions.


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