What Are The Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Sweet Marjoram?

Have you seen or tried sweet marjoram before? If you do, then you may have just acquired all the necessary health benefits of sweet marjoram! Well, all of these are astounding and are all for the betterment of the overall health. Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen or tried this yet, its fine, we are here to tell you the reasons why you should give it a try. Well, aside from it is oozing with so many essential nutrients, which make up the health benefits of sweet marjoram, it also has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties. Give this article a read and get to know more facts about it.

What is Sweet Marjoram?

The sweet marjoram is also known as the knotted marjoram, is one of the most traditional Mediterranean herbs, which are grown for their culinary and medicinal uses ever since the ancient times. Furthermore, it has a subtle pungent taste and sweet flavor. It is a bit moderately gentler than the oregano.

Botanically, the sweet marjoram is part of the Labiatae family, which is of the genus Origanum. Scientifically, they call the sweet marjoram as the Origanum majorana. Moreover, the Labiataceae family also includes the herbs like cumin, fennel, anise, dill, and the likes.

Moreover, the sweet marjoram is mainly native to the Asia Minor or Turkey. Nevertheless, it grows in abundance all over the southern parts of Europe, and in the Mediterranean. This particular herbaceous plant is actually a small, woody-stemmed shrub, which grows plentifully in lime, well-drained soils. It may reach about 75 centimeters in height, features hairy stems, and has soft oval-shaped dark-green leaves, and have small flowers, which are pinkish-white in color.

Generally, the leaves of the sweet marjoram may be harvested quickly after the flower buds start to show. To be able to blanch, you may hang the harvested stems in the dark, dry room for approximately 7 to 10 days, and then strip the leaves off the stems and then store them inside a container that’s airtight.

Various species of the sweet marjoram are grown either for therapeutic or culinary purposes. The pot marjoram has pink or white flowers. The winter marjoram has a pungent flavor, the same with the wild marjoram.

People often describe the sweet marjoram to that of the oregano, which is in fact, the wild marjoram. Nevertheless, in spite of these similarities and confusion, the marjoram has its own culinary and medicinal uses.

Nutritional Value of Sweet Marjoram

The sweet marjoram is one of the most famous and favorite herbs, most especially in the Mediterranean region. As a matter of fact, the Ancient Greeks used it in making garlands and wreaths. They believe that it is a symbol of happiness, harmony, and peace. The herb is actually made up of lots and lots of notable vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, which are all essential for the optimum wellness and health. Furthermore, the parts of the herb also contain various chemical compounds, which are beneficial for the body as they have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

To know further about the nutritional content of sweet marjoram, refer to the table below:

PrincipleAmount% Daily Value
Energy271 Kcal13.5%
Carbohydrates60.56 grams46.5%
Protein12.66 grams22%
Total Fat7.04 grams23%
Cholesterol0 milligrams0%
Dietary Fiber40.3 grams106%
Folates274 micrograms68.5%
Niacin0.902 milligrams25.75%
Pantothenic acid0.209 milligrams4%
Pyridoxine1.190 milligrams91.5%
Riboflavin0.316 milligrams24%
Thiamin0.289 milligrams24%
Vitamin A8068 IU269%
Vitamin C51.4 milligrams86%
Vitamin E1.69 milligrams11%
Vitamin K621.7 micrograms518%
Sodium77 milligrams5%
Potassium1522 milligrams32%
Calcium1990 milligrams200%
Copper1.133 milligrams126%
Iron82.71 milligrams1034%
Magnesium346 milligrams86.5%
Manganese5.433 milligrams236%
Zinc3.60 milligrams33%
Carotene-ß4806 micrograms
Cryptoxanthin-ß70 micrograms
Lutein-zeaxanthin1895 micrograms

Health Benefits of Sweet Marjoram

Here are some of the most surprising health benefits of sweet marjoram:

  • Possesses diuretic properties. The essential oil of sweet marjoram is beneficial in acting as a natural diuretic. This just means that it is essential in increasing both the quantity of urine and how often you will pass the water.
  • Helps with respiratory conditions. The essential oil in the marjoram is beneficial in treating various respiratory conditions as well as the symptoms of flu, bronchitis, and colds. It also has expectorant properties, which may help in loosening the mucus and phlegm.
  • Has antimicrobial properties. There are amazing antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties in sweet marjoram. These are beneficial in providing therapeutic effects, especially in viruses and bacteria.
  • Helps in treating gastric ulcers. Studies show that the sweet marjoram is beneficial in reducing the risk of animals in developing ulcers. Not just that, it also helps in replenishing the mucus on the gastric walls.
  • Helps in relieving pain. The essential oil from the sweet marjoram is a great treatment for muscle pain, tension headaches, and spasms. This is one of the best health benefits of sweet marjoram.
  • Helps in relieving anxiety and stress. The sweet marjoram is beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress. A lot of essential oils have the same impact and represent a huge natural alternative to so many popular prescription treatments.
  • Beneficial for heart health. The sweet marjoram is oozing with antioxidants, which may help in protecting the heart and some other organs in the body.


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