Why Use Cycling For Weight Loss?


Do you want to lose weight in a natural and healthy way? Why not try cycling for weight loss? A lot of people do cycling each and every day. You can see them in the street, parks, and some other places. This has now become consistent in popularity over the years now. The main reason for this is that cycling can actually help the overall health. Not only that, cycling is also the simplest of all the moderate physical activities that’s part of the requirements for the body. Furthermore, since it is also a means of transportation, it is really beneficial not just on the daily transportation, but also for the betterment of the physical health. Whether you are young or adult, cycling will be perfect for you. You can also use cycling for weight loss! That, we will discuss later. Read on to learn more!

Cycling: What is this?

In the year of 1817, Baron Karl von Drais invented the concept of cycling. What he actually invented though was not exactly the same as the bicycle that we use. In fact, he developed the walking machine which enabled him to walk faster in royal gardens. The device he invented actually had wheels. However, it did not have the chains, gears, and peddles. Through the improvement of the technology, this particular device is what they eventually transform into a bicycle.

Safety Tips to Remember        

Although there are many health benefits one can enjoy this exercise, some of the precautions must be engaged. Whether you are opting this a mode of transportation or for a regular type of sport, you should follow the safety measures. Below is the list of safety tips such as:

  • Stretching the muscle. It is very important to do this because it warms up and prepare the body for this intense physical activity of this exercise.
  • Wear a well-fitted outfit. You have avoided wearing loose fitting clothes because they may get immovable while doing this exercise and may cause some serious problems especially if you’re riding in urban areas or in heavy traffic.
  • Wear a helmet. This is probably the most significant safety measure that you must take. It averts the possible head injury at the time of an accident will take
  • Have a plenty of water on hand always. Remember that it important that you have water and you drink it frequently. It is important because it makes up the possible dehydration caused by this physical activity.
  • Prepare your ride. It’s also very important to check if the chains and brakes are in good working order and your tires are well-inflated. You can adjust the seat height in order to avoid a pain-free ride. Give it a test before going out in order to avoid any kinds of accidents.
  • Pay attention to the area around. It is very important to look at the signals of the other road users, the traffic light, and the car door is open when you are passing along in order to avoid some accidents.

Why Use Cycling for Weight Loss?

If you want to shed off those extra fats in your body, you will be able to find the pedal power great fun.

You will also get to experience cycling as a sociable and challenging routine. Furthermore, it is also suitable for everyone of any age or fitness level. Cycling is really beneficial in losing weight at it helps in burning the calories, improve not just your weight, but also your health status.

In today’s day and time, more and more cycling paths are being opened and cycling for weight loss is now becoming more and more enjoyable and comfortable option. This is one great way to unwind and get a fresh air and help you to lose weight.

Cycling for Weight Loss: How many calories will you burn?

Varying on your weight and your level of exertion, cycling is beneficial in losing weight by burning fats in between 75 to 670 extra calories in just a 30-minute cycling session.

Can cycling bulk me up?

Because of the nature of cycling, it burns calories and is dubious to build a large amount of muscles in the body. Rather, it is more possible that the waist, bum, and thighs will all trim down and get tone up. This is what makes cycling a great exercise for people who want to aid their weight loss journey.

As you start and progress in cycling to longer distances, your core, back, as well as your abdominal area will get stronger and much firmer. Your leg strength will also increase vastly.

Other Health Benefits of Cycling

Here are some of the best benefits of cycling for health, aside from losing weight:

Undeniably, cycling is not just for weight loss –it is for the betterment of the overall health.


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