8 Incredible Health Benefits Of Moringa Pods

Moringa provides numerous vitamins and minerals for our body. The leaves and seeds are used for culinary purposes and also for traditional treatments like its stem. The seed of moringa is the very powerful and extreme part which provides a lot of health benefits to our body. Moringa offers a lot of health benefits for the body like any other vegetables. The Moringa seed is not only for curing numerous disease but also edible and very nutritious food that brings a lot of minerals and nutrients in our body.  In the actual fact, moringa seeds are from the moringa tree that consists of numerous parts the leaves, seeds, stem, and a lot more. In this article, we are going to tackle the amazing health benefits of moringa pods! Read on to learn more!

What is moringa pods?        

The fruits that are known as the moringa oleifera tree pods are considered as the most useful and nutritive parts of the plant. Furthermore, it is also named drumsticks because of its elongated shape. The seed pods are used for a various variety of modern and traditional treatments and as a food in numerous areas. Its own durability and drought-resistant are what makes the moringa tree a valued supply of nutrition in areas where the water is limited. Moreover, it can repeatedly grow without any treatment of water.

Furthermore, moringa pods are from the moringa tree. Moringa tree is about 15 to 20 feet high. Each of the pod is about foot length and may provide a dozen seeds. Moreover, the trees produce seeds yearly, but every harvest may yield up to thousands of seeds. Which is a really good thing to know about this amazing tree!

You can enjoy numerous health benefits of moringa seeds via steamed, boiled, roasted, and eat as a snack. It also used for numerous recipes due to its high-protein, high-potassium, high-omega, high-vitamin c, and low sugar.

Nutrition facts of moringa

The table represents the depth analysis of nutrients for moringa

PrincipleNutrient value of podsNutrient value of leaves
Protein2.10 grams (4%)9.40 grams (17%)
Carbohydrates8.53 grams (6.5%)8.28% (6%)
Energy37 kcal (2%)64 kcal (3%)
Cholesterol0 milligrams (0%)0 milligrams (0%)
Total fat0.20 grams (1%)1.40% (7%)
Dietary fiber3.2 grams (8%)2.0 grams (5%)
Riboflavin0.074 milligrams (6%)0.660 milligrams (51%)
Niacin0.680 milligrams (4%)2.220 milligrams (14%)
Folates44 µg (11%)40 µg (10%)
Pyridoxine0.120 milligrams (9%)1.200 milligrams (92%)
Vitamin c141 milligrams (235%)51.7 milligrams (86%)
Vitamin a74 IU (2.5%)7564 IU (252%)
Thiamin0.053 milligrams (4.5%)0.257 milligrams (21.5%)
Potassium461 milligrams (10%)337 milligrams (7%)
Sodium42 milligrams (3%)9 milligrams (0.5%)
Magnesium45 milligrams (11%)147 milligrams (37%)
Iron0.36 milligrams (4.5%)4.00 milligrams (50%)
Zinc0.45 milligrams (4%)0.60 milligrams (5%)
Calcium30 milligrams (3%)185 milligrams (18.5%)
Selenium8.2 µg (15%)0.9 µg (1.5%)
Phosphorus50 milligrams (9%)112 milligrams (20%)

Health Benefits Of Moringa Pods

Here are some of the most astounding health benefits of moringa pods:

  • Great source of iron – like spinach, the moringa (single serving) have contained times three of iron. This is important especially for those vegans/vegetarian and even to those suffering from low iron problems. Because our body needs a sufficient amount of iron to manage the blood, the tissues, and organs, and transmit oxygen to muscles.
  • High in fiber – moringa seeds are loaded with fiber. Fiber helps to control the food inside the digestive system.
  • Improves sleep – moringa leaves has the ability to gives you a better night. You can experience this via drinking 15 minutes warm water containing moringa leaves before you go to bed.
  • Induces death of cancer cells – the moringa seeds are widely recognized due to its anti-carcinogenic effects. It has the ability to stop the development and growth of cancer cells by rushing their death count.
  • Lowers cholesterol – numerous plants including the moringa have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol. This is one of the best health benefits of moringa pods.
  • Promotes heart health – according to the scientist that the moringa seeds have the capacity to reduce the number of oxidized lipids inside the body. It can also take good care of our cardiac health by protecting the heart tissues from any risk.
  • Reduces joint pain – moringa seeds packed with calcium, which help the joints suffering from any pain. It also aids to reduce inflammation as well as a severe bone condition such as arthritis.
  • Regulate blood sugar levels – moringa seeds (pods) are the extreme provider of zinc and can control the level of blood sugar. Both of these can assist to prevent or manage diabetes.
The Moringa seed is not just beneficial for treating numerous disease. Nevertheless, it is also edible and very nutritious food, which brings a lot of minerals and nutrients in the body.  In the actual fact, moringa seeds are from the moringa tree, which consists of numerous parts the leaves, seeds, stem, and a lot more. Furthermore, it is undeniable that Moringa pods are oozing with so many health benefits and health wonders. So what are you waiting for? Buy moringa pods in your local grocery stores now, and improve your health and put it to the next level! There are so many ways to cook it -so better try now!


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