8 Amazing Health Benefits of Prune Juice

Prune Juice is a drink made from dried plums or prunes. It contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial for human health. Many people tend to associate this drink with the elderly, but that isn’t representative of its uses. Below are 8 surprising health benefits of prune juice that will convince anyone to become a consumer.


1. Regulate body function.

Prunes contain potassium (an electrolyte that helps with a variety of essential bodily functions). This mineral regulates nerve impulses, heart rhythm, muscle contractions, digestion and blood pressure. Given that our bodies do not naturally produce potassium, prune juice can help us avoid a deficiency.

2. Diminish or relieve constipation

Prunes are rich in fibre, and most of it is soluble. Soluble fibre, like cellulose, pectin and lignins, is capable of increasing stool size, which in turn increases bowel movements. Apart from potassium, prunes also contain sorbitol – a special kind of sugar – which serves as a laxative. This type of sugar stays in the bowels and sucks water into the stool which leads to consistent and frequent bowel movements.


3. Reduce the risk of cancer

Extracts of prune juice have been tested on some individuals and found to be capable of repressing cancer growth by causing cancerous cells to die. Additionally, research suggests that the protocatechuic acid in prunes can help prevent malignancy (a characterization of cancer) in different tissues.


4. Reduce plaque build-up

Researchers have found that prune juice can help slow down the development of a condition known as atherosclerosis (plaque build up in the arteries). If atherosclerosis is not treated, it can lead to health problems like a heart attack, stroke or even heart failure.


5. Balance blood sugar

Prune juice is different from other sweet drinks because it doesn’t cause a substantial rise in blood sugar. Instead, the soluble fibre that it contains slows the absorption of sugar from other foods. Soluble fibre also increases the sensitivity of insulin, which can play an important role in treating and preventing type 2 diabetes.


6. Provide iron

Iron deficiency can cause a shortage of healthy red blood cells in the body, which can lead to anemia. Therefore, consuming prune juice, which is a good source of iron, can help prevent anemia. The average adult person requires 10 mg of iron per day, but a menstruating woman will need 15 mg and a pregnant woman needs as much as 30 mg.


7. Build bones and muscles

Since dried prunes are a good source of boron, drinking prune juice can help coordinate strong muscles and bones. More so, prunes can also be used to combat a loss of bone density, which is a side effect of radiation.


8. Control Eating Habits

Drinking prune juice can help with weight management because it has the potential to keep an individual feeling full for a reasonably longer length of time.


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