Beauty Trends of Winter 2017-2018

Beauty Trends of Winter 2017-2018

Runways promote not only new clothing trends but also spread beauty trends around the world. The upcoming winter season is going to bring many interesting tendencies. Natural eyebrows, Gothic lips, metallic eye shadows – to name just a few. Every modern woman should be aware of fashion trends to know what to wear in everyday life whether she wants to be beautiful for herself only or to dress for a night date. Her makeup, hairstyle, and manicure are no less important since they are indicators of the overall organism`s health. Sure, a healthy look is what makes humans really attractive. Keep up-to-date with the following trends with this mini guide!

Metallic glitter

It’s quite difficult to single out one dominating color in winter eye makeup. However, one thing is for sure – metallic will be a number-one choice both alone as a glittery haze and in combination with bright colors. Makeup artists apply metallic eye shadows in chaotic touches of the brush and add bright accents. Alberta Ferretti’s models were wearing such makeup during their fall-winter fashion show.

Radiating skin

Not mate, not glowing, but radiating. Your face should look like you didn’t do anything to make it shine. To achieve this natural radiance, mix your highlighter with the day cream and use the concealer locally instead of foundation cream.



You can experiment with your eyeliner as much as makeup artists did at fashion shows. Cat-eye wings are classic. This winter season is perfect to experiment with your eyeliner. Unleash your fantasy. If you are not afraid to use the runway trends in real life, then apply black graphic lines on the upper and lower eyelids, the way guys from metal bands do. Coloured eyeliners will be in trend. White wings are a new alternative to black ones. They can be drawn with eye shadows or eyeliner.

A line under the brow

Among beauty trends 2017, there is the accentuated crease line. It seems like you won’t have to apply eye shadows onto the mobile lid. It won’t be easy at first, but it’s worth the efforts since it looks just fabulous. You can draw a distinct line or just highlight the brow bone.

Pink rules

All shades of pink are welcome in your makeup. Cheekbones, eyelids, lips, nails – apply it everywhere. Good news: this color makes you look younger and fresher. Just make sure you`ve picked the right shadow for your appearance type. Monochromatic makeup is one of winter beauty trends. You can even use one product to achieve it. A pink or peach lipstick can be used also as rouge and eye shadows. Take care of your face base, because only if the foundation is perfect, a light-pink color will look perfect.

Spider lashes

One of the hottest beauty trends is in fashion again. Spider lashes create a doll-like look and add certain naivety. If you want to try this eye makeup trend, then use small false eyelashes to achieve this effect.

Gothic lips

Lipsticks of dark berry colors are one of the latest trends in beauty industry. Dozens of fashion shows prove that popular colors of the upcoming winter are all shades of purple, wine red, plum violet and so on. To make yourself stand out, contour your lips after you applied the lipstick and make the gradation with a special pad.Such dark shades are typically associated with the gothic flavor so to complete the image, make black cat-eye wings.

Rainbow lids

If you’ve been waiting for the green light to use colourful eye shadows, this winter season will give it. Want to create a rainbow on your lids? You can use the palette of colors, but remember one bright accent is enough. Let other parts nude.


Nude is still trendy. You can go for a barely-there makeup or add a bright touch to it. For example, put an accent on the lips using a bold orange lipstick. This is how you’ll add some summer colors to your nude winter look.


A lot of long-lived nail designs will be popular this winter. French manicure and its variations, negative space, ombre, and many other nail designs. Trendy colors are rich matt dark colors. The latest trend is logomania – abbreviations and logos of famous brands will embellish your nails.


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