How to Keep A Winter Facelift in Atlanta Surgery Natural

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Winter is a season that could be tough on your skin, especially since the cold temperatures, dry and high winds are no friends of a beautiful skin. At such times, you cannot escape the onslaught of the skin drying conditions by even staying indoors. With a heated indoor environment, the air inside can leave your skin appearing even more parched. However, you do not need to suffer having different skin issues through the season. When you have a facelift in Atlanta, doctors can help you combat the dryness in the winter air through their tips. Once you have some tips from them, you can put up this wisdom to work in your personal life.

Every surgical procedure leaves you the chance of having marks behind, but scarring should not have to be obvious, as long as you take care. If you are considering a facelift surgery, you need to understand it required your money investment and time commitment from you. Undoubtedly, you will want your surgery results to appear as natural as possible. To ensure this, you will have to do everything you can to recover and heal completely from your surgery to ensure the best results. As you do that, it may also help to make sure that the scars emerging from your facelift become minimal.

The Benefits of a Facelift Surgery

When you consider how long facelift procedures have been around, you will recognise there is ample time for some refinement. The fact is this is just the nature of medicine, as time proceeds it leads to advancements. In facelift plastic surgeries, here is the difference.

Lifts are Conservative: Note that the objective of a facelift surgery, whether you choose Crispin Plastic Surgery or others, is to reposition the tissue so that it drapes where it should. For example, the eyebrows natural sit across the bony rim (upper) over the eye.  They usually do not sit higher, so a facelift surgery helps to return the brows to their natural place.

Lifts are Customisable: Every facelift comes with its features, nuances that make it distinctive. A facelift is not about just creating a specific look on patients, it is more about reinstating the younger version of the person.

Lifts are Not About Lifting the Skin: A major advancement in the facelift surgery is the discovery of volume loss. Having a facelift, surgery does not change the volume, which is a part of your youthful aesthetic. This is why, most facelifts also involve soft tissue filling or fat grafting around the cheeks, temples and the eyes, possibly also the lips.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain the results of your facelift, even from winter’s harsh temperatures.

Gently Cleanse Your Skin

Washing your face and your body is a good thing, however, after your facelift surgery; you need to remember that you just have to remove unwanted oils and dirt, and nothing else. If you scrub your face enthusiastically, or vigorously, it can dry your skin and exacerbate existing skill. You should gently rub your skin and wash your face twice in a day. When shopping for face cleansers, you should choose gentle cleansers. Opting for harsh cleansers can strip your skin from its natural oils and affect the facelift incisions.

Use Vitamin E Products

More surgeons support and embrace the healing powers of vitamin E, both through the supplemental and topical form. Using products that contain vitamin E encourages the skin to heal completely. Some lotions and creams contain vitamin E, which helps to facilitate the healing of the scar tissue. You should always check with your surgeon before you try out something new. They can help you to find good products with minimised scarring.

Avoid Harming Extremes on Your Skin

You need to know that extremely high temperatures can cause frostbite and damage your skin if you end up exposing it for a very long time. If you plan to walk out in temperatures that touch zero degrees, you need to protect your skin by wearing the right gear. Try to cover your neck and face as much as you can, including other areas. Do not forget to cover your mouth area, as the skin around your lips is delicate. Always keep a lip balm close by and consult your surgeon if anything goes wrong.

Keeping your skin well hydrated and healthy during the winter season will help to keep your skin away from issues and possible flare-ups. In addition, it will keep you looking radiant and great for holiday parties. Note that the effects of good skin care after a facelift is a cumulative process. It will take some days for the results to show, but you need to follow some care tips in order to prevent dryness in winter air from affecting your skin and the facelift results.


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