6 Best Hair Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron

6 Best Hair Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron

A flat iron is a hair straightening device that uses heat to transform curly, wavy hair into smooth, straight hair.

If despite hard efforts you are not able to get the perfect straight hair from your flat iron, then check for these expert tips below to avail just awesome results!

1. Begin it The Right Way

To ensure that your flat iron delivers you with flawless performance, you must begin straightening hair using the iron only when it is extremely hot.

It is essential that your flat iron must be at an appropriate temperature ideal to do the hair straightening job perfectly. If you don’t set your flat iron at the precise temperature, then only after few hours your hair will get curly and wavy.

2. Always Keep Your Flat Iron Clean

If your flat iron is well-maintained and clean, then only it will be able to deliver excellent performance.

Treat your flat iron just like you would treat any other device. It is a machinery unit and hence can be hampered and damaged due to dust. If the flat iron is not cleaned then grime, dust, and grease will get a deposit in there and can even stick to your hair, resulting in even more damage.

Also, a dirty flat iron can also result in hair clumping. For such reasons, cleaning it properly and maintaining it in an adequate condition will ensure that you always get straight hair.

3. Brush Your Hair Well Before Applying the Flat Iron

If you expect an excellent performance from your flat iron, then it is essential to prepare your hair beforehand.

For this, you must always comb and brush your hair properly before your begin ironing your hair. Furthermore, if you have curly hair, then you must comb your hair every time you move from straightening one section to the other.

This ensures that you get not just the perfectly straight hair that you have always desired, but would also help to hold the position for a longer time period.

4. Begin Straightening Your Hair from the Back

One important step to get smooth and straight hair with the help of a flat iron tool is to begin straightening your hair right from the back of your head.

Start from the back and then slowly move to the front. A precise way is to straighten the front part of your hair at the end. This must be the last thing to do. It is because if you will straight from the front first, then this will intervene in straightening the back of your hair, particularly when you are using the hair straightening tool on your own.

Even professionals follow this step to make sure that the straight hair look appears flawless and lasts longer.

5. Divide Your Hair Into Small Sections

If you wish to avail a hassle-free and lasting hair straightening experience then you must always divide your hair into small sections of 1-inch each.

A flat iron is able to deliver effective results only when you slide in an adequate amount of hair into it. If you will slide in bigger sections, then the heat will not be supplied to all the hair. Hence, you will not be able to straighten your entire hair.

So, to ensure that the heat is evenly dispersed to all your hair, you should apply the straightener on small sections of the hair.

6. Apply Hairspray Before Using the Heat Flat Iron

To avail long-lasting results with your heat flat iron tool, you can always apply a small volume of hairspray on your hair.

Even, you can apply some heat protectant on your hair. This way, you will get straight hair that remains in shape for a much longer time period. Also, the heat protectant will protect your hair from experiencing any damage from the heat of the tool.

Additional Tips

  • Create a hair straightening kit, including hair iron, hairpins for sectioning, hair brush, and hairdryer.
  • Never apply the heat iron on wet hair as this result in severe damage to the hair.
  • You can apply some texturising spray before applying the heat iron as it will add some volume to your hair.

These are some simple yet very useful tips. So, next time when you wish to straighten your hair just follow these tips and you will notice the difference on your own!

Author Bio :

Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs- Online Hair Extension Company.He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry and has a good reputation in this field and have a vast knowledge of straight hair.


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