Best Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair 2020

Hair is something that adds to the beauty and self-confidence of a lady. Hairstyle helps to make one’s personality elegant and royal. Thus, we always try to do every possible thing in a desire of having long and shiny hair.  Having long hairs naturally is a good gift but just having them is not enough. You should know how to style it perfectly. There are various different Indian hairstyles for styling your hair. You can pair these hairstyles with different occasions and parties. Here, we are discussing some traditional hairstyles for long hairs that help you to lift your look in the occasions. So, have a look:

1)    Bridal fishtail hairstyle

Fishtail hairstyle is the most popular traditional hairstyle and is completely perfect for the wedding occasion.  It is extremely simple to style and requires very less time. Therefore, if you don’t have enough time to go salon and is in hurry to go to the function, then you can try the fishtail braid. In this, you just need to make a thin braid strand and let the remaining hair flowing freely. You can straighten the remaining free-flowing hair to give them a messy look.

2)    Waterfall Indian hairstyle

This elegant Indian hairstyle is suitable for all female age group: for girls or women. It will look good in both ethnic and western wear. You can pair it up with a sarees, suit or even a dress. This waterfall hairstyle is suitable for every occasion whether for a wedding or a girl’s night out. You just need to make a braid with your side hair and pin it up to the back of your head. To give it a waterfall effect, the remaining hair should be curls or semi ringlets.

3)    South Indian bridal hairstyle

A south Indian hairstyle is the most unique and traditional hairstyle preferred all over the world. South Indians have their own approach to style their long hairs. To get the appropriate clean look of this hairstyle, you have to take too much care of your tresses so that there would be no harm to them. Traditional bridal bun and Kondai are two main hairstyles which are generally styled with fresh garlands and blooms for the morning functions.

4)    Rope braided hairstyle

Rope braids are one of the popular and stunning hairstyles that is suitable for all age groups. However, mostly the young age group females prefer to style with this hairstyle to get an Indo-western look with their ethnic attire. For having this hairstyle, you just need to make the braids by taking the hair from both sides of your head and secure it with the pins. Let the remaining hairs flowing freely at the back side to give it a wavy look. You can also tie up the remaining hairs and style it as a bun or ponytail.

5)    Gajra hair bun

Traditional Gajra hair bun is the most suitable hairstyle for the festive season and wedding functions. This hairstyle contrasts beautifully when styled with the combination of fresh Mogra Gajra and roses. It adds fragrance to your tresses. You can pair this traditional Gajra hair bun with sarees and lehengas to highlight your look. The accessories can also be added to this hairstyle to give it a unique and enhanced look.

6)    Gothic look hairstyle

A gothic hairstyle is completely fit for the theme parties or occasions where a particular theme has decided. For styling your hair for a gothic look, you simply need to section your hair from the middle and make two loose ponytails. Don’t forget to straighten your hair with the help of straight to give it a clean and tidy look. Use colorful rubber bands to highlight the effect.

7)    Miniature braids

Miniature braid is a bit difficult to style but is the most stylish one. It gives you a completely different look and you can pair it with your western as well as traditional wear. Talking about the method of this hairstyle, you first need to separate two sections of your hair: one of the fringes and other at your back. Now further divide it into 10 sections. Now from the root side, start making a braid in such a way that it passes through all the 10 section. Make the braids from both the sides and then end it by making in the middle. Let the remaining hairs to flowing free and you can also roll it to give a curly look.

8)    Balloon ponytail

Balloon ponytail is a perfect yet craziest hairstyle for long hairs. Also, it is the most time-saving hairstyle and can be made in just 10 minutes. For styling it, you first need to make a simple ponytail wither high or low according to your choice and length of your hair. Then create three parts or segments of your ponytail with the help of rubber bands. You can use bands of the same or different color accordingly. Now pull the middle section of each ponytail to the outside in order give it a balloon type look.  Your mini balloon hairstyle is ready.

9)    Crown bun

Crown bun is a hairstyle appropriate for working women or even housewife. This hairstyle gives you an elegant and clean look. The specialty of this hairstyle is that there is no free-flowing hair in and hairs are completely tied which gives a tidy look and gives a highlight effect. To make this hairstyle, the only thing you need to do is to tie up the ponytail and twist it to make a bun. Secure it with the pin or hair clip. Make sure that hairs are completely tied up and there are no loose ends.


So, these are the most lovable and preferable Indian hairstyles which are simple to make or style. For the different occasion, you can choose the respective hairstyle according to your choice and taste. You can steal the limelight of the show with these unique and interesting hairstyles. So, definitely try this and standout amongst all on the occasions.


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