Best Ways on How to Treat Laryngitis

Laryngitis is the inflammation of the vocal cords. This uncomfortable condition can be very painful when it comes with some other conditions like cold or flu. In most cases of this illness, home treatments are all that you really need. By means of anti-inflammatory and soothing herbs, essential oils, and foods, you can reduce the swelling and bring back your voice. How to treat laryngitis is very easy, right? If you want some other tips and fact about laryngitis, read on.

What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is the inflammation of the vocal cords in the voice box or larynx. The voice box as its name implies is where our voice is coming from. The condition is usually caused by the overuse, infection, and irritation of the larynx.

It can be short-term or acute, which usually lasts for about 3 weeks or less. Conversely, it can also be chronic or long-term, which lasts more than three weeks. Furthermore, there are many factors that may contribute on the occurrence of laryngitis. Including the environmental factors, viral infections, and some bacterial infections.

What Cause Laryngitis?

Acute / Short-term Laryngitis. This type of laryngitis is temporary and can be caused by:

-Excessive intake of alcohol.

-Bacterial Infections.

-Damaging the vocal cords by yelling or talking in a high voice.

-Viral Infections.

Chronic / Long-term Laryngitis. This results from a long-term exposure to some irritants. This type of laryngitis is normally more severe and lasts longer than the acute type. This can be caused by:

-Low-grade infections of yeast that is caused by the frequent use of an asthma inhaler.

-Overusing of the voice.

-Smoking or second-hand smoking.

-Recurrent sinus infections.

-Acid reflux.

-Excess coughing.

-Recurrent exposure to some harmful allergens or chemicals.

What are the Symptoms of Laryngitis?

Here are some of the most common symptoms of laryngitis:

-Having a dry cough.

-Continuous tickling or irritation in the throat.

-Dry or hoarse throat.

-Loss of voice.

-Weak or sometimes inaudible voice.

All of these symptoms are usually mild and you can treat it by providing your voice a break. To help lubricate your throat, you can try drinking water or some non-caffeinated beverages.

How to Diagnose Laryngitis?

Laryngitis affects the vocal cords and the larynx. If you go consult your doctor, they might start diagnosing your condition thru a visual diagnosis using a mirror to see your vocal cords. Also, they might perform laryngoscopy to magnify your larynx to easily view its state. During this method, the doctor sticks a thin and flexible tube with a connected microscopic camera into your mouth. After which, your doctor will look for the following signs to diagnose you from having laryngitis:

-Swelling vocal cords. This can be a sign that there is an over usage of vocal cords.

-Extensive swelling. This is a sign of environmental cause of laryngitis.

-Scratches on the larynx or voice box.

-Redness or swelling.


Tips to Keep the Vocal Cords Healthy

The best way to keep the vocal cords and larynx or voice box healthy is to maintain it moist and free from any irritants.

Here are some ways to avoid common irritants:

-Avoid consuming foods that may cause heartburn or indigestion.

-Avoid toxic chemicals especially in the workplace.

-Maintain proper hygiene by washing your hands regularly to avoid colds and some respiratory infections.

-Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine.

-Avoid smoking and being around people who smoke.

One more thing, avoid clearing your throat. This might increase the irritation and inflammation of the throat.

How to Treat Laryngitis

There are a lot of treatments for laryngitis. If you don’t want to go under the knife, there are some natural ways on how to treat laryngitis. In fact, here are some:

Ginger. Ginger is effective in soothing the inflamed mucous membrane of the larynx. Furthermore, the pain and swelling are also relieved when you use this to treat laryngitis. It also makes us less vulnerable to some infections in the respiratory systems.

Garlic. Cold is one of the main cause of laryngitis -and you can treat cold with garlic. The antibacterial properties of garlic help in combating the symptoms of laryngitis.

Apple Cider Vinegar. If you are trying to balance the acid levels in your stomach, this is a good choice. Furthermore, it also helps in balancing the levels of pH in your stomach. You can also use it as your way on how to treat laryngitis more rapidly.

Raw Honey. This is probably one of the oldest traditional medicines and is one of the most important treatment for some illnesses including laryngitis. It helps in soothing the irritation and relieving the pain in the voice box.

Resting your voice. This is very important if you have laryngitis. You should not overuse your voice for it not to get irritated.

Here are some more lifestyle treatments to cure laryngitis:

-Drink plenty of water.

-Avoid drinking alcohol.

-Eat smaller amount of meals.

-Gargle using salt and warm water.

-Use vaporizer.


You must be careful in using your voice. Don’t overuse it to avoid complications like laryngitis. However, since this is unprecedented, you can use all the information you get here to treat yourself. Take note that if your symptoms persist, consult your doctor immediately.


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