Boxing for Weight Loss: Is It Effective?


Boxing, as some people might think is only for those who are athletic, tough, and sporty people. However, this sport is also one of the most comprehensive, and effective workout you can do to lose weight. Yes, boxing for weight loss is possible. This is because this sport is high-impact. Furthermore, it is also a versatile sport which delivers huge results in both strength training and calorie burn.

The variety of boxing styles make sure that you will be able to find a perfect that will work for your fitness goals and abilities. Most especially if you want to lose weight and make yourself look slimmer, sexier, and a head turner. This is what makes boxing for weight loss extra amazing.

Basics in Boxing

Almost all the forms of boxing involve hand simulation to hand battle wherein a series of punch is where you rely the most. Additionally, in some types of boxing, you’ll also need to use some kicks, dodges, and some other moves to protect yourself and combat with your opponent.

Boxing basically combines fast-moving cardiovascular exercises with some strength training. These basically helps in toning and building the muscles in the upper and lower extremities of the body. This is why boxing for weight loss is good because you can lose a large amount of weight in your body.

Professional boxing, on the other hand, takes place in rings. However, the fitness boxing usually is in studio classrooms that have or don’t have any extra equipment. Once you start working with your trainer to start proper techniques, the sport will be much simpler to do. Furthermore, it will not require anything aside from enough space for you to move around.

Boxing for Weight Loss

Continuous motion is where the sport, boxing relies more. From ducking and dodging to punching and jabbing, the body constantly moves. The endless motion in boxing hastens the heart rate and burns more calories –which are the key to weight loss. The actual amount of calories our body burns varies on our weight, boxing style, and workout intensity. However, an average person may expect to burn not less than 350 calories in just an hour of boxing. Furthermore, if you enroll in a boxing class that mainly targets weight loss, you might burn much more than that. According to the personal trainer and fitness author, Ross O’Donnell, if you engage into a boxing class for weight loss, you might exceed calorie burn of 600-800 calories in just 45 minutes.

Boxing likewise, involves strong core, upper, and lower body muscles. Toning the muscles may help increase the lean muscle mass. This eventually increases the basal metabolic rate (body’s rate at which the body burns calories for the normal function of the body). Greater relaxing metabolic levels may translate to a system of burning fat that’s more efficient, resulting in weight loss.

Boxing: Types and Styles

Boxing for weight loss is different from professional boxing. The professional boxing focuses more on the accuracy, form, and strength. On the other hand, the fitness boxing focuses more on sustaining the heart rates essential for burning fats. Cardio-boxing or fitness boxing usually involves brief warm-up of jogging or jumping rope, then drill circuits that may last up to four minutes each. Kickboxing integrates much lower body movements than boxing, if you want an extra toning for your lower extremities, this is a good option.

Moreover, if you want to do boxing at home, one of the best options is to invest in a suspended and weighted boxing bag. This is to further motivate the sparring act with a partner. You can also do boxing workout at home even without the presence of equipment. However, a mirror is needed for you to ensure and maintain your proper form to burn more calories in the body.

Boxing: Who is suitable for it?

Boxing is a workout that is high-intensity, resting is essential to prevent injuries and it also allows the muscles to recuperate. If you’re a beginner, integrate a cardio boxing class once you increase your body strength and stamina. For the purpose of weight loss, you need three aerobic boxing classes every week, in between each session, put rest. This will give your body more time to recover without sacrificing the results.

The sport, boxing is specifically suitable for those individuals that have reduced lower body immobility. This is because the majority of the movements can be done using just the upper body. Furthermore, boxing is also a stress reliever for those who are searching for a new outlet for aggression, depression, or anxiety.


Boxing is a sport not just for those who are sporty, has bulky bodies, and those who are fit. This sport is for all. Everyone can do it and anyone can have the best benefit of it. Not only can that boxing help in the overall health, it also helps in losing weight. Boxing for weight loss is really good and it will not just make you more fit, it will also change you for the better.


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