Do’s And Don’ts For Dry Skin Care Throughout Winter 2017

Dry Skin Care Throughout Winter

Winters bring the period of woolen sweaters, pair of boots, gloves, caps etc. With it begins, chilled breezes and snowy mountains all around. In the midst of this is rare drop of sun-rays. Owing dry skin and coping up with all this needs some special care. No wonder! secret of radiant and flawless skin could not be hidden inside one of those beauty products. So, if you don’t want to be one of those victim during cold climate suffering from frizzy and static hair, chapped lips and flaky skin. Get a flawless and radiant glow by following the do’s and don’ts to get rid of dry skin this winter:

  • Do Exfoliate and hydrate your skin:

In winters exfoliation of skin to get rid of dry and flaky skin is very important. Dead and dull look of the skin will come to an end now. Do hydrate your skin with drinking plenty of water. This won’t help instantly for a dry patch or something unlike plants. But by doing so efficient absorption of more hydra from moisturised would be there. 

  • Do get right vitamin for dry skin care:

    There are different vitamins for different functions to be played. Likewise, vitamin C and E have found to play an essential role as a dry skin defender. Their anti-aging action for treating dryness, redness, wrinkles and age spots is very prevalent with over the counter products or supplements. Skin care products are also available specially meant for protection against persisting weather and environmental conditions. These vitamins help us to deal with dry skin, leaving behind glowing and flawless skin. 

  • Do Protect and detoxify your skin:

    Get your skin nourished. It becomes difficult to moisten skin, especially in winters. Itchiness and cracking would commence complimentary due to this. Detoxification of skin must also be done. Application of mask once a week would be easily manageable. This will assist to purify and tighten the skin. 

  • Do use slathered sun screen:

    Don’t think that sun is rarely seen in winters and using sun screen during this period would be useless. Application of sunscreen is necessary for like 365 days a year which means sunscreens are not merely for summer days. With the snow glare during winter damage of skin will be there. Prefer a sun screen which could be easily slathered and that is too 30 minutes prior your outing. Reapplication could be done if the outing continued to be for longer duration. 

  • Do cover up your skin:

    Cover yourself properly specially during winters. Skin of hands is thinner as compare to other body parts so wear gloves for that. But keep in mind to avoid wet socks and gloves. This can irritate your skin and cause itching, cracking, sores, or even a flare-up of eczema. 

  • Do use specialised moisturiser after consulting a physician:


    With the drop in humidity levels, application of thicker and heavier moisturiser turn out to be more necessary during winters. We may find water-based lotions suitable for summer time but oil-based ones would work well during winter weather. In winters moisturising is one of the major component of our skin routine for dry skin type. So, always be sure to pick the particular moisturiser in accordance to your skin type after consulting the physician. 

  • Do use cold cream cleansers to remove make up:

    The makeup removing wipes may be convenient to use but cold cream cleansers are far better than those wipes. Cold cream cleansers moisturise the skin additionally to remove make up. Whereas, these wipes contain alcohol which dehydrates the skin resulting in dry skin.

With the proper care and by using above tips, you can easily treat your dry skin and enjoy the soft, glowing and flawless skin throughout the winters. However, there are few things which you have to keep in mind and have to avoid them. Following are the tips for dry skin that you have to avoid during the winters: 

  • Don’t indulge in fried foods and caffeinated beverages during winter:

    Due to cold weather conditions, one’s desires for fried food (high calorie diet) and caffeinated drinks increases during winter time. This would lead to clogged pores and broken skin. This will further deteriorate your skin condition. Although, a deep pore cleansing facial in combination with a skin peel is the best way to render your skin soft, smooth and flawless. But consuming controlled amount of these foodstuffs is the best solution for this. After all lacking in your skin radiance is not a great idea! 

  • Don’t prefer super hot water bath:

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  • Hoping into hot shower to compensate the chilling cold may perhaps appear like a great plan but don’t execute it. The rapid change in temperature would shock your skin. This would further leave your skin to be scaly, flaky. As an alternative, get lukewarm bath with mild or soft cleanser/soap. Taking hot water bath like this must be tempting but remember hot water take away natural oils of the skin, leaving behind dry skin.
  • Don’t prefer over the counter acne treatments:

    Over the counter treatment products for acne leads to drying of skin. Although these can be used to dry out the acne but treating acne in winters is not a good idea. As this can catch up the oil from the pores, leaving behind dry and dead skin. 

  • Don’t use gel cleansers:

    Gel cleansers prove good for summer time induced heat. On the other hand winter season would prove insensitive for this aspect. Gel cleaners may prove great for summer days and that is too with oily skin. But during winter they would prove too insensitive and that is too with dry skin. As they mostly contains ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid etc which leads to dry skin.

  • Don’t over exfoliate your skin: 

    Skin exfoliation is a great idea but favouring to over exfoliate it is not an appreciable deed at all. The main purpose of exfoliation of skin is to slough off the dead skin. Isn’t sounds awesome? But not always as excess of everything is bad. Too much exfoliation may lead to fragile and irritated skin. This conversely adds to the dryness of the skin which could be treated by uninterrupted use of moisturiser rather over exfoliation.

  • Don’t shave very often when it’s cold out: 

Throughout the winter season the very last not least objective is not to irritate your skin – Shaving  would  unreasonably add to that. Why is there always a big yes for shaving when you are already covered up? You can easily escape shaving and protect yourself from drier skin.


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