Feeling Homesick? Here are the 5 Tips For You To Get Through It

We understand.

How the first few days can be a bit difficult for you after you got into the University of your choice because it takes some time to settle down and get used to this new student life since you have to adjust to new college culture and meet people from different places.

According to the National Union of Students (NUS), about 70% of freshers feel homesick within the first few days of joining University.

We understand how much you are missing that delicious home-cooked meals, comfortable room where you have Queen and Pink Floyd posters, Hangouts at your favorite spots with your friends and majorly, your parents. If you are feeling homesick already, don’t worry. It’s natural. Many things can reduce the feeling of homesickness and help overcome it.

We’ve got some tips for you to get through it –

1) Don’t spend too much time in your room.

Hiding in the room will make you feel lonely and isolated. If you are facing difficulty in communicating with other people, Check out your University’s international student’s society where you can meet other people who are feeling the same. Many colleges organize events to help students adjust to the college culture. Participate and talk about your feelings and share your experiences to feel better.

Keep yourself busy by doing activities you like – Play basketball, go for a long walk or why don’t you continue reading that book you like! Don’t spend all your time thinking about what you miss from your sweet home. If you are busy and having fun in all the activities that you do, you can deal with the feeling of homesickness quickly.

2) Choose your accommodation according to what’s best for you.

Choosing Student housing according to your preferences is one of the most important and exciting decisions you make once you’ve accepted the University Offer.

Either you live in the university hall of residence, shared En-suite, private rented flat, homestays or independent studio, You have to be ensured about the facilities they provide so that it doesn’t become like a burden for you as you have just left your comfort zone. There are many ways through which you can find your comfortable home away from home. Suppose you are going to Glasgow for your studies, you can find many options available for the same If you search student accommodation in Glasgow on the internet.

– Visit the accommodation site.

– check the facilities that property provides to check whether it suits all your requirements or not.

– Check those ratings and reviews.

– Don’t be afraid to ask your queries directly to the booking agent.

No one wants to feel homesick and uncomfortable abroad, And For that, It’s important to have a safe and convenient place to live while you are away for studies.

 3)  Pack some of your favourite home comforts.

Make sure you bring your favourite comforter and coffee mug. It is easier to beat homesickness if you have something to make your new room feel more like home. Going away from home for the first time can be a bit complicated sometimes, Get things which can help you not feel that way and cheer you up when you are going to that low zone.

4) Establish a routine.

Now you are living away from home independently. Setting up a routine can be really helpful for you. You can go for long walks, do some sightseeing and participate in the events on your university campus. Get to know your nearby locations- so that you get your essentials, and when you are in a mood to have great food, You can head to the restaurants and cafes nearby, make your timetable and don’t miss your important classes, sweat out the stress in Yoga or gym session- these little things can help make a new city feel like home.

The first few days might be struggling, but once you get used to living away, You will make the most of your student life experience abroad.

5) Never give up; this is what you wanted!

If you are thinking to pack your bags and run to your parents, Well, Drop that idea and remember those sleepless nights when you studied hard to get the University of your choice, and also, you don’t even know how it is going to be in some days, Maybe you get to participate in some fun activity, or you make great friends in the University. Don’t make a quick decision in just your first week there! Keep a family picture with you; stay connected with your family and friends .

Remember that you are not alone and  it’s okay to feel homesick, you’re certainly not the only one Homesickness is something that most people feel at some point in their life.


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