Can Holy Basil Cure Itching?

Skin rushes is a term characterized by an outbreak of red bumps on the body that change the skin’s texture. This rash can be the outcome of many different illnesses, ranging from allergies to contamination, and can be widespread or local. The best examples are measles and chicken pox. Rush can tingle, itch, swell or have no irritation at all. Some rashes disappear as soon as the allergen is removed from the situation. Others may need a dedicated remedy, such as holy basil. Holy basil cures bodily itching. Intriguing, isn’t it? But this is for real!

The best examples of rashes are chickenpox and measles. Even though they have a certain likeness, they are caused by two different infections: the Varicella Zoster virus and the Paramyxo virus. However, they are both very infectious, transmitted through sneezing, coughing or contact with an infected person.

What is Holy Basil?

Holy basil, also called Tulasi or Tulsi in India, is derived from the Tulsi plants, a leafy green belonging to the mint family. Scientifically known as Ocimum Tenuiflorum, it is often offered to the gods in many Hindu households. This affordable herb comes in 3 forms: the Rama Tulsi, Vana Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi, each of which has its own unique taste. The components of holy basil generally used are its dried roots, seeds and leaves.

Tulsi is known as the Queen of Herbs because many different parts of the herb have been recommended for medical care. It can fight bacteria, strengthen immunity and treat infections in the skin and hair. Just a few leaves can be potent.


Holy Basil to Cure Itching

Holy basil leaves are the active ingredient in Eugenol, which is used to treat skin rashes. To create the solution, boil the leaves in water. Once it has cooled down, it can be applied topically to the skin. Alternatively, you can combine it with two cloves of compressed garlic, one tablespoon of olive oil and a small amount of pepper and salt and consume it orally.

The health advantages of holy basil are innumerable. Just grind some leaves up with your teeth first thing in the morning to ward off ailments.

Causes of Chickenpox and Measles

These are a type of skin infection caused by an overgrowth of microorganisms, poor immunity, sensitive skin, prolonged illness or the use of a rough soap. People who are in contact with chickenpox patients have an extremely high chance of getting the disease.

This ailment starts with a minor fever and pain in the back and the legs. This is followed by a stuffy or runny nose, burning eyes which can become red and watery and an overall raw feeling. Within 24 hours, small red pimple-like bumps will appear across the body, sometimes even the forehead. These turn into blisters which dry up within 1-2 days, leaving a stiff outer layer.


Treating Itchy Skin

Avoiding Chickenpox

  • The contaminated person should stay in a private, secluded place to reduce the chances of transporting the virus.
  • Vaccination is ones of the best medical treatments to prevent chickenpox

Chickenpox Immunization

Chickenpox can be the bigger health threat to those already at risk. Proactive prevention like vaccinations for children and teenagers can decrease the chances of developing or carrying the disease. It is suggested for anyone aged 1 year or older who has not already had chickenpox.

Leave a comment if you’ve ever made use of holy basil’s medicinal properties. I’m sure you have. It is an amazing plant!


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