Health Benefits Of Black Garlic: Are These Really Good?

Have you ever seen a black variety of garlic? Yes, not the ordinary one but a black one! Is there a black garlic, really? Yes, actually, there is! In fact, it has been used even before. In the mythology of the Taoism, the black garlic has rumors of making a human immortal. However, it is quite tricky and unbelievable, isn’t it? It may not make you immortal, but the health benefits of black garlic that it may provide you are so many, and all are good for the betterment of the overall health. Furthermore, if you add this amazing garlic into your dishes, it’ll be a uniquely perfect dish. If you want to know more about this staggering black garlic, continue reading on to this article.

What is a Black Garlic?

The black garlic isn’t actually a naturally or artificially colored white garlic, these are garlic that is caramelized. However, it is not that easy to produce. In the west, the black garlic gained its popularity, but it has already been present in various countries in the whole world

The black garlic is mainly made by baring the skinned garlic and exposing it to the humidity and heat. This process sometimes last for about 40 days, making the organic compounds in it to break down. Specifically, those who give a garlic a much spicier taste. In the event that the compounds finally breaks down over a period of time, This will then give the garlic a more savory taste, good for cooked onions or meat. Even though it has a more bitter taste, it still has a sweet element in it, which appears when you prepare it properly.

Black garlic is a form of garlic that has various nutritional differences when it comes to the traditional or the regular garlic. Furthermore, the black garlic is also used in a various application in the high-quality applications in cooking. Because of the difficulty in the production and expensive cost of black garlic, it is not an advisable or a common ingredient in the spice rack. However, it may provide various health benefits. And take note, these health benefits of black garlic are all amazing.

There are some people who consume the black garlic in its natural form, oil infused, powder, and many more. Its flavor of the black garlic is actually highly hushing. This is in comparison to the regular or the white garlic. Since the black garlic is muffled, it is a must to put a larger amount of it in your dishes to make a larger impact.

Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of black garlic:

Helps increase libido. Black garlic helps in stimulating sex drive, particularly in men.

Helps in improving the blood circulation. Garlic is capable of increasing the circulation by means of the hydrogen sulfide production. However, the sulfuric compounds in it also help in the regulation of blood pressure and ensuring the resource as well as the oxygen delivery to the body.

Helps in treating various chronic disease. One of the most powerful antioxidants is the allicin. The black garlic is rich in this antioxidant, thus it helps in boosting the defenses against various diseases.

Helps in boosting the immunity. The black garlic, same with the regular ones is good for boosting the immunity. Not only that, it also helps in preventing various common viral and bacterial infections. Particularly, it is good for cleaning out the respiratory system and the digestive tract.

Helps in improving the cardiovascular health. The homocysteine amino acid in the body may damage the blood vessels and harm the cardiovascular health. studies show that the black garlic is beneficial in the reduction of homocysteine levels in the blood. Thus, help protect the cardiovascular health.

Helps in treating diabetes. Since the black garlic has a higher concentration than that of the regular garlic, it is more effective in the regulation of the levels of blood sugar. Furthermore, the active ingredient in it helps in slowing down the release of insulin to the body. This is very important for those who are diabetic and those who have high risks in this condition.

Helps in preventing cancer. This is one of the best health benefits of black garlic. The S-allycysteine compound in the black garlic is beneficial in giving a direct impact on the cancer cells form in the body.

How to Make a Black Garlic?

Step 1: Get 5-10 garlic bulbs and thoroughly wash them. Avoid peeling its skin off.

Step 2: Make it dry, then place them in a fermenting box. Leave it for about 10 hours with 70% humidity and 140 degrees F temperature.

Step 3: Finishing the first round, raise the humidity to 90% and the temperature to about 160 degrees F.

Step 4: Change the setting to 95% of humidity. Plus, the temperature to 180 degrees F.

Step 5: Remove the garlic bulbs, make sure it became black.

Step 6: Use the black garlic for medicinal or cooking applications.


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