How To Grow Hair Faster In A Week

Long hair is the crown of any lady appearance. It adds to the beauty of the female outlook. Some of them love to have short hairs but some only gets fascinated by it and later on, they start regretting. Are you regretting taking a short haircut too? Do you want your hair to look shiny and long? Are you missing your long and gorgeous hair?

If you are in a similar condition, then you don’t need to worry more. You are landed on a right page and here we will provide you with some tips which will help you to grow long and shiny hair.

As we all know the fact that a human hair can grow 0.5 inches every month or about 6 inches in a year. But you can follow some tips by which you can improve the thickness and healthiness of your hair. Some of the best tips are:

1)    Take a healthy diet

If you want to make your hair grow long and strong, taking a healthy diet is utmost essential. Along with the efforts that one makes for a beautiful outlook, inside health should be the first consideration for oneself. To eat the right components in the right quantity is very important. One should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water on a daily basis to hydrate the body. The diet and food can make a huge difference and will reflect in your hair.

Protein is must

Consuming adequate protein is the must for the growth of hair. It is well-known that hair is protein based and thus protein is the key for the long and shiny hair. If you are a vegetarian, then you should consume plant-based resources in quantity of more than 120 kilograms such as beans, vegetables, nuts, pulses and other protein rich-items. If you love to eat non-vegetarian then you can take eggs, fish, chicken, red meats etc as they are highly rich in protein nutrient.

2)    Avoid using more shampoo

If you use shampoo very frequently or use it in large quantity, then it might impact your hair majorly. Therefore, it is always suggestible to avoid using more shampoo. Instead, using a conditioner on daily basis will definitely help you grow your hair long and strong. It also helps to minimize split ends, breakage or tangles. Moreover, showering with too warm or too cold water can affect the hair growth to a great extent.  Also, scalp oiling is highly essential for shiny and strong growth of the follicle. Castor oil is the best oil for the hair. Coconut oil and olive oil can also be used for the purpose. Therefore, oiling and conditioning should be done regularly.

3)    Apple-cider rinsing

Apple-cider vinegar is one of the effective constituents for the development of hair. It is extremely useful to remove the dirt, or oil out of the hair. One can rinse their hair with apple cider vinegar instead of using a shampoo as it is a natural and effective way. You can protect your hair from the chemical substances that are present in the shampoo. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a conditioner and be using it daily will not create any harm to your hair and make your hair grow faster.

4)    Never comb wet hair


Combing wet hair gives birth to split ends and breakage. Therefore, it is always advisable not to comb the hair when it is in a wet state. First, one should dry its hair with the dry towel and then use a brush or comb. Also, while you are drying your hair, never rub your hair forward and backward quickly. This is an important point to consider if you want to grow your hair long, strong, shiny and thick.

5)    Exercise your hair regularly

If you want the length of the hair long and strong, you need to exercise your hair daily. For this, your blood circulation needs to be fast so that every cell of the body can get accurate oxygen supply. So, make it a propensity to massage your head regularly to acquire sound cells in both scalp and follicle. Onion juice or potato juice is also an effective way to make the scalp strong and make the hair grow faster. One should apply one of the juices at least once a week or twice a week. One should do scalp massage and cardio exercise of half an hour three times a week so as to make the hair stronger. It will also help the hair cells to remain in the healthy state.

6)    Good sleep is necessary

Along with an appropriate diet, a good sleep also determines how well your hair will grow and remain healthy. 6-7 hours or sleep considers as a good sleep for an adult and for children 7-8 hours is ideal. The body is in steady repair mode during these sleeping hours. Also, one should take care of its hair while sleeping. Never tie your hair tightly while sleeping. Always make a loose ponytail. Also, try to sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid friction. Cotton pillows should be avoided as it creates more friction. Therefore, the body requires proper rest to make the hair growth accelerate. Good sleep also increases blood circulation which will ultimately help in hair growth.

7)    Keep yourself stress-free


Stress is the main cause of hair fall. A stressed mind is also a major factor for an absence of well-being. Therefore, one should keep oneself stress-free and should chill out. Anxiety can make the body weak and hair cells are included in it. One should hang out once a week and also spend time with himself/herself.


So, these were some best tips by which you can make your hair grow faster and strong. Healthy food, stress-free mind, and your activities can determine the speed of your hair growth. Hence, one should live a healthy and sound way of life and your scalp will grow your hair healthier. For growing hair faster, patience and caring are needed.


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