How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup For Beginners?

All the women across the world want to achieve admiration for their beauty. After all, all of us want to look beautiful. There are many ladies out there who have wonderful features but for those who are not blessed with many attractive features, eye makeup can do wonders for them. Makeup can be defined as the procedure in which various artificial or natural cosmetic products are used to enhance the facial features such as eyes, cheeks, lips and so on. Out of all the facial parts, eye makeup is the most important and influential one. Eye makeup surely brings a revolution in your overall looks and enhances the charisma of you being around people.

To get a perfect Smokey eye look, the reading of step guide is not sufficient rather you must supplement it with the YouTube videos or tutorial videos available on the internet to get a better understanding of how to perform the steps in an actual manner. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the easiest ways to do makeup in such a way so as to get Smokey eyes, especially for beginners. To get Smokey eyes is considered to be a high-class fashion technique but we have come up with the simplest of techniques that you may practice and become glamorous in a go!

There are different Smokey eye makeup looks and hence, each of these different looks cannot be achieved by using the same formula. Therefore, different methods are applied to getting different Smokey eye looks. For instance, there is a different formula for getting a classic Smokey Eye to look whereas there is another formula for achieving a dramatic Smokey Eye look. Therefore, let us discuss the different methods step by step which are discussed as below:

Method 1 – How to begin?

  • Selection of colors is crucial– You will require the three similar shades for a Smokey eye and any color can be used. Usually, the classic Smokey eye makeup is performed by using black or grey color although bronze and brown can also be used as per one’s choice.
  • The choice of color should be made in such a way that one should be a light creamy color; another is a medium base color and third is dark Smokey color. Do not choose excessively bright colors.
  • Appropriate supplies are must– Loose powders that can be blended in a proper fashion is quite essential for Smokey eye makeup. Pitch black eyeliner helps in highlighting the eye makeup. A smooth finishing can be obtained by using cream and liquid liners.
  • High quality and fine brushes should be used so as to avoid smudging, it is recommended to use a domed eyeshadow brush that is round from the upside view. A concealer and eyeshadow primer is also required to enhance your eyelids before applying Smokey makeup. You should always be having a makeup remover, a large fluffy brush, and q-tips so as to correct any mistakes while applying the products.
  • Go for facial makeup– Face makeup should be completed before stepping on to Smokey eye makeup so as to cover all your dark circles, dark spots or red spots beneath eyes using a concealer and foundation.
  • You can also supplement your face with dimensions by using a brush or bronzer. You should keep a note that your eyebrows are well shaped and well colored so as to draw attention towards your eyes. Otherwise, your Smokey eyes won’t create much impact and look artificial.

Method 2- How to get classy Smokey eyes?

  • Use a highlighter which is of the lightest shade of the particular color of your choice. The entire eyelid should be swiped with the medium color shade and especially at the closing ends of where you have applied your highlighter. But make sure that the shades do not get divided into two.
  • Start applying your darkest shade by beginning from the corners of your eyes and sweep your shade in ‘C’ shape. The upper edge portion of your lash line should be the place where the darkest color has been applied. In order to enhance the dramatic eye looks, you must apply eyeshadow till the end of your eyebrows but make sure that darkest part still remains confined to the outside corner of your eyes. Balance the darkness of your eye makeup by swiping the dark shade on the lower lid as well.
  • The blending of shades is very important for which you should use an eyeshadow brush that is very clean and blend all your colors together. Begin by using lightest colors and make sure that the medium color does not become distinct with your dark shade. Your motion of brush should be in “C” shape to get a smooth effect. The dark shade should start fading softly into your skin and do not get mixed with the highlighter.
  • Supplement your eyes with eyeliner and apply it in such a way so as to end it before reaching the edge of the eyeshadow. If you want a smeared look then make a thick line over the lashline and make use of your fingertip to smudge the line.
  • Apply mascara to coat your eyes as eye makeup is incomplete without long and blushing lashes. For defining your eyelashes in a careful manner and make sure that you remove excess color, especially if eyeshadow or mascara fell beneath the eyes or on your skin.
  • You can also glam up your looks by using glitter for getting Smokey eyes. All you have to do is that you must apply the dark shadow of color above the eyelid crease and complement it with a shimmery shade sweeping through the center of the eyelid for getting more gorgeous looks.

Hence, you can get fantastic smoldering and exceptional cat eye look by following some of these easiest steps described above. Get a party look now and impress people out there with your charismatic Smokey eye makeup.


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