How to have a Healthy Mind?

The current pace of life makes us feel overwhelmed at times. By keeping the brain active and in shape will help us in our day to day life and will provide us with mental health, and even physical health.

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healthy mind

We bring you some techniques to reduce stress, improve your motivation, and ensure that your mind is trained, relaxed, and ready for any career! And you will be always young.  So, today we are going to see effective exercises to have a healthy mind.


The benefits of reading are obvious: increase your linguistic and creative capacity, as well as being very funny. However, for many, reading can quickly become an ordeal, either due to lack of experience, time, or desire something that is becoming more and more common, given our growing dependence and attachment to rapid reading in electronic devices.

To combat this, it is essential to choose books (or magazines, or newspapers) that are particularly interesting for you.

healthy mind

Do not try to throw yourself immediately towards the classics, or the books that “cultured people” say are essential; Start with something you like. Obligate yourself to read at least a few minutes a day – you can set the goal of reading a daily chapter after work or during a break during the day.

Healthy Eating

The high levels of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids allow a better functioning of the mental capacities.

Healthy Eating

A diet with constant intake of fruits and vegetables such as soybeans, canola oils, fish, onion, egg, spinach, beets, plums, oranges and almost the entire range of citrus fruits, among others Foods that contain antioxidants and vitamins B, C, D and E (including wine and tea), promote reasoning ability. These nutrients protect the brain and do not allow its shrinking.

The Brain Motivating

One the most dynamic exercises and, let’s faces it; really fun to stimulate this muscle is traveling. What more pleasant than walking to sharpen the mind? Leaving the routine and living new novel situations helps the memory.A different scenario, like a city you did not know, a town that has not visited or traveled a different place every weekend stimulate your mind in a quick and playful way.


When it comes to a long trip, things like planning an itinerary, researching the destination you are going to visit or interacting with a moving culture (vocabulary, customs, language, etc.) allows your brain to interpret new experiences and build on knowledge old to be able to understand and act according to their own reasoning.

Hobbies such as crosswords, word searches, puzzles, solving Sudoku, playing cards or dominoes, chess or any game that puts you to create strategies to solve problems, ask you to build logical sequences that put to work both hemispheres of the brain.

Dance to be Smarter

Coordinate movements with the dance partner, follow a musical compass, motor skills and systematize these two actions at certain times, causing the brain to send different instructions to the body at the same time.

A study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine stated that dancing decreases the risk of dementia due to its complexity and promotes blood flow from the brain to the whole body.


For example, dancing tango, according to experts, improves the physical posture, the way of walking, the cognitive state and the motor balance of those who have been practicing it for several years.

You do not have to be a genius to get the brain to work as it should be. Simple tricks such as eating fatty acids and even dancing allow the brain not to age prematurely and keep you active. Test your intelligence with these tips and keep your mind healthy.


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