Improve Your Beauty by Proper Sleep in 4 Easy Ways

Improve Your Beauty by Proper Sleep

There are a whole lot of ways people try to look better, get fitter and stay healthy. It is surprising how many of those goals can be made more achievable by resting better. Proper sleep is not just about hitting the sack at the same time each day, but also about what you do before you sleep, what you do immediately after, where you sleep and all sorts of factors that are otherwise ignored.

Well ignore them no more! Taking care of your body’s need to rest can go a long way in making you look fresh and more attractive, as well as having you feel more confident, energetic and clear in the head.

Before we go onto how to make yourself more beautiful by sleeping well, let’s first see what makes people sleep poorly.

Common Sleep Impediments

There are quite a lot of these, honestly. A surprising number of people are sleep deprived, despite the fact that we have better beds, sleeping aids and affordable options than ever before. The reasons responsible for this poor sleep epidemic can be arranged into three categories. Here they are.

Bad Bedrooms

A lot of people have a hard time sleeping because the space they sleep in is simply uncooperative. You need peace, quiet and darkness to have a proper sleep. Complete silence might be a luxury for people living in busy cities, but that only goes to show how much more vulnerable people are to poor rest in bustling neighbourhoods.

Bad Bedrooms

Not just the room, but the mattress, pillows and bed linen can cause you difficulty in sleeping as well. A coarse bed sheet or a lumpy mattress, no matter how expensive or high-tech will only cause you pain. A simple inner-spring mattress can be much more restful than an expensive all-latex mattress.

Poor Diets

We’re constantly guzzling food based on whether we like them or not. And so we have a culture that thrives on coffee during the day and beer and martinis at night. Working individuals simply don’t have time to cook and eat a proper meal, or pack a healthy lunch.

Cafeteria food and Chipotle aren’t good nutrition. And without proper diets, the body’s systems can go haywire causing you a lot of trouble getting to sleep properly. Plus, bad diet is directly related to looking ugly. Ask me; I battled an eating disorder and I looked like a human scorpion even though I have naturally good skin and bone structure.


There is no denying that we’re much more stressed than our parents’ generation was at our age. It is justified; we have to live up to impossible expectations survive a tough market as working professionals, struggle to pay rent and buy food. But it leaves us no time to unwind. And you cannot get a restful sleep if you cannot get your mind to relax. Stress gives a lot of people puffy eyes or dark patches, and it isn’t the best look one can have.

Lucky for you, all these three sets of problems can be solved by just 4 tricks. They’re pretty easy, affordable and guaranteed to bring you better sleep and thus a more beautiful look. The catch, you need to take care of all of them. Don’t worry; I’ve put in alternatives for the tough stuff.

Bettering your Beauty by proper sleep: 4 Easy Ways

  1. Revamp your BedroomHaving a bedroom that doesn’t let you sleep is utterly pointless. Bright paints on the wall that make the room dazzle in the morning sun don’t let many people sleep in peace. Having a noisy neighbour opposite the shared wall can be a problem. A mattress that is squeaky, dented or funky smelling won’t do either. If you’re looking for durable options easy on the pocket, go for a nice innerspring mattress, and change your pillows every two years. Get double curtains on your windows to keep light out. Want a simpler alternative? Shift your bed to a more suitable room.
  2. Team up with a friend and cook for each otherManaging work and eating healthy is tough. Plus, a lot of times, you simply lack the motivation to take care of yourself. It can be helpful to take care of someone else in addition to yourself. I used to pack a lunch for my friend every morning and that gave me incentive to cook a portion for myself since I was going to cook anyway. We exchanged cooking duties each week so we didn’t appear like slackers at work when we got late. Plus, it can be a great bonding experience. It’s a lot superior to ordering out each afternoon.
  3. Sweat out some caloriesTaking care of what you eat is tough, but sweating out what you eat is tougher still. But getting some exercise can go a long way in letting you sleep better. Sweating flushes out toxins from the body and for a lot of people, regular exercise makes their skin look great. You don’t need to join a gym if you aren’t going to go a week later. Climb the stairs, walk back home or go on a jog in the morning. Burning some energy is also helpful in sleeping better.
  4. UnwindI know, life is stressful. And sleep is one way we handle that stress. But to get proper sleep, we can sometimes need to aid it with an unwinding routine. You don’t need to hit the bar or light some incense to meditate. You’re probably too tired anyway. Sit down and read a nice book, half an hour every night. Take a nice relaxing warm bath. Or just watch a funny movie or a YouTube series. You’ll sleep much better without thoughts about the next day or payments due the next week weighing you down. You can worry about them the next day.

It’s pretty easy to take care of yourself. It lets you rest a lot better and that brings a natural glow to your face along with higher confidence and enthusiasm to take on the day, achieve your goals and generally rock at life. It’s the easiest makeover you can get yourself. Your inner and outer beauty naturally improves when you take better care of yourself. You’ll find yourself looking amazing in the most average clothes once you get to eating healthy, sleeping well and knowing how to handle stress.


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