How to Improve Skin Color Naturally?

How to Improve Skin Color Naturally

You have tried almost everything beginning from whitening pills to fancy creams but nothing works and your skin still looks dark, dull and discoloured, then follow these miraculous tips to get a perfect, naturally, fairer and two shades lighter skin tone in a week.

Skin lightening pack

To get smooth, clear and fair skin color, get ready a face pack by adding two tsp of powder licorice with hot milk for a dry skin or responsive skin and two tsp of curd for an oily or combination skin. Apply a thick layer and after two minutes gently get rid of the pack by rubbing in a circular motion.  Wash off with cold water. It cures tan, bad patches and imparts a naturally fairer and lighter complexion.

Daily massage

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Daily massage your face with a mixture of two tsp of olive oil and a tsp of honey for two to three minutes and then wipe off with lukewarm water. This house remedy leaves the complexion smoother and fairer. If you have an oily skin you can add few drops of lemon juice and use it.

Spraying cold rose water


Spraying rose water on the face improves the color and softness of the skin. It leaves the skin fresh, clear, and also stops pigmentation. You can use this tip anytime of the day for wonderful skin.

Drink lots of water

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Daily drink a glass of new orange juice or tomato juice to get a naturally fair, lighter and clear skin tone because these fruits are loaded with vitamin C which is best for whitening effect on the skin.

Calamine powder

Calamine powder is a remarkable home remedy for lightening skin. Gather two tbsp of calamine powder with one tbsp of honey and three tbsp of rose water. Apply and wash with water after fifteen minutes. You can also use it on the body to lighten the skin tone.

Use sunscreen during day time

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The most general cause for an uneven skin tone is sun destroyed skin. It not just causes wrinkles and has cancer danger, but can also leads to formation of freckles when you are outside during daylight hours. So use sunscreen during daytime, if you love, you can wear a hat also.

Avoid junk foods

Reject and if not possible then at least minimize the consumption of junk foods and eat vegetables and fresh fruits instead. The oils, chemicals and sugar contained in the junk foods activate your skin to generate more oil that can clogs your pores leading to uneven skin tone. Add in your diet new vegetables and fruit, especially salmon and blueberries, which are top source of antioxidants and thus are extremely supportive out of your skin complexion.

Do exercises regularly

Exercises not just keep you fit and slim, but also supports to generate new skin cells that contribute a lot in keeping your skin tone even and young. You do not need doing heavy workouts to get even completion skin. Just perform as much which is enough to get your blood pumping for a few minutes regularly. If you sweat after exercise, be sure to wash or to clean dirt and oil from your face to reject getting them trapped into your skin pores and also to reject acne breakout and uneven skin color.

Pick your cosmetics carefully

When you have an oily complexion, it is extra vital to be alert of what you are putting on your face. If you presently use an oil-rich foundation, try swapping it for a mineral-based item. Generally, the best face makeup for oily face is free of oil, a non-oil moisturiser is best option for your skin, always check carefully before adding it to your cosmetic store.


So, guys, I hope you have enjoyed reading the article. I can guarantee you if you follow the above tips you will for sure see the results in a very short period of time. If you know some other method to improve skin color then I would love to hear it from you through comments. And do not forget to share this post with your friends.


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