How to Pack Your Makeup In Bags

How to Pack Your Makeup In Bags

Makeups are something that often turns to ‘messed up’ if not kept properly. As a result, girls have to suffer often with makeups, especially at the time of traveling. Obviously, you don’t want to see a whole messed up place with a lot of things when you open the bag for searching for a lipstick or nail polish. This becomes more irritating when you need that lipstick or nail polish or anything at the time of emergency.

So, it is a must for girls to know some tips on packing makeups in bags. Though you will find some bags that are made for packing makeups especially, knowing some tips will help you when you won’t have makeup bags at hand’s reach. So, let’s take a look at some ways to pack makeups in bags.

Keep Separate:

It is obvious that you won’t find a makeup bag near you when you are in a hurry. So, always try to use bags with a lot of pockets. A lot of pockets will help you to keep your makeups separately in different pockets. For example- keep lipsticks in a pocket, eyeliners and other eye-related makeups in another pocket, nail polish in another pocket. Though remembering which makeup is in which pocket is a bit complex, this method will help you to find your expected one quickly.

If you have a bag with a few pockets, you can use different coloured small plastic bags for different types of makeup. This will also work as having a bag with many pockets. All you need to do is to remember the colors you have used for each type of makeups. Keeping makeups separately will help you to find the exact one in a short time.

Small Makeups Will be Better:

Always try to use small sized makeups. Small sized makeups will help you to take more makeups in a small place. Though I suggest taking less makeup as you can, taking a few makeups more will not be so bad if you can adjust with your space. Small sized makeups will also give you comfort when you use those at the time of traveling. Moreover, small sized makeups are good for handling easily.

Use Multipurpose Makeups:

Some beauty products can be used for different purposes.That means one product will let you use it differently in different places of your face. For example- lipsticks can be used as a cheek stain, shimmery eyeshadows work perfectly as skip highlighter. When you are going out, maybe on a trip or not, try to pack your bag with these types of multipurpose makeups. You will find multi in one makeup available in the market.


Multipurpose makeups will reduce the space consumed by your makeup. As you are taking a few products, it will be easy for you to find the exact thing you want, even at the time of necessity.

Keep compacts carefully:

Compacts are sensitive makeup with chances of being broken or turn to powder without any notice. If you can see that your compacts are broken and spread here and there in your bag, what will be your reaction?You will not feel good definitely. Besides breaking your heart, this kind of accident will create a mess in your bag and make other makeups dirty. So, what to do?

To get rid of this, keep your compacts carefully with protection. Use tissue paper or some other soft and thin things to place over the powder makeup or compact in order to work as the shock absorber. Keeping your compact in a perfect sized box will also work. For extra security, keep your compact into clothing layers. This will also protect that from shock.

Don’t neglect bottles:

Some makeups come in bottles, for example- nail polish. When you are keeping your eyes on compacts or powders, don’t neglect these bottled makeups. These also create the mess in your bag if not tightly sealed. You won’t love to see that the inside of your bag is full with nail polish spread from the bottle.

So, keep your bag safe by sealing the bottles properly. Double check this. If you want more protection, it will be better for you to use small plastic bags to wrap up those bottles. Thus you will be surer that your bag and makeup, both are safe. Otherwise, there is a lot of chance of spreading the liquids inside of your bag because it is obvious that you will forget to seal the bottle perfectly if you are in a hurry.

Choose makeup wisely:

You can go anywhere for traveling. You can go places where there is scorching heat or excessive cold. In these cases, you have to choose your makeups wisely, what to take and what not to take. There are some makeups that go melt in the scorching heat. Taking those with you will create disaster inside your bag. Some makeups can’t tolerate excessive cold. Don’t take those in places which are too cold. Again, makeup for a seminar will not be same as the makeups for a fashion show.Thus choose your makeups wisely when you are going somewhere. This will help you to avoid beauty products that will not be used on that trip.

Messed up makeup is enough for turning an exciting day into a bad one. So you have to pack your makeup bags carefully. The above tips will help you a lot for managing your makeups nicely when you are packing makeups for going somewhere. The bags for makeups available in the market will help you a lot with it as those are specially manufactured for keeping makeups. So, it will be wise if you always keep a makeup bag at your hand’s reach. Count this as another tip for you.


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