Investing In A Shaver – Thing To Consider Before Shaving Off Your Head

A lot of men these days like to shave off their hair frequently, some love the shaved style and many do it to hide baldness. It’s handy if you have an electric shaver with you, you can use it anytime you wish and not wait to visit the salon. Electric shavers are categorised into two types: the foil and rotary.

A rotary shaver consists of three or four heads, its round and also moves in a circular motion. These shavers are best for men who have coarse and thick hair and need to apply more strength while shaving off. A foil shaver has blades that are guarded with a curved a thin metal foil, thus it’s easy to glide on the surface of the head. These shavers are not very powerful and are also not very harsh to the skin. It’s best for men who have sensitive skin, those who get rashes on the head even.

Factors to keep in mind before shaving off

Basically, these days, going bald is no more a sign of old age, rather a statement of status and beauty. Bald look is highly distinguished and it keeps you away from the time-consuming hair grooming routine. But need to keep a few things in mind before you shave off the hair because for everything there is right technique. You would definitely not want to get nicks, bumps, razor burn or scrapes. So, here take a look at the factors you need to keep in mind:

Chop off your hair first –

Before you start off with an electric shaver, make sure your hair is not more than ¼ of an inch in length. In case the hair is too long, there are chances that the razor would snag your hair and it could get painful and sometimes even bloody. It’s best to cut your hair using a pair of clippers, either you do it yourself or take help of someone. One thing you can be sure that you don’t need to cut the hair in such a way that it looks nice and even because the entire thing would be gone finally.

Some Exfoliation and pampering

It is important to clean and exfoliate your head before shaving. First, you can scrub your head and then use a shampoo to clean it. Remember, you are now taking adequate care of your scalp and scrubbing takes away the dead cells and the ingrown hairs would also fall off. It’s the foremost step to prevent razor burn and you must always keep the scalp clean because in case you get a cut; there would be no fear of infections, skin issues, and rashes.

The direction matters –

Shaving with the grain of your hair is all that you want and it can be irritating for your skin if you go against the grain. If you shave against the gain there are chances you would get a redhead resulting from razor burn.

Moisturising is the key –

After you have removed all the hair using a head shaver, it is essential to use an aftershave or a soothing balm to prevent the skin from getting damaged or dry. When you shave, in the process small layers of skin is also shaved off so you need to add back the moisture that is lost. A lotion would prevent breakouts or redness on the scalp.

You must use quality products

Shaving off the head might sound a simple affair but it’s all about the hair and the skin on your scalp. Make sure you are using the best quality products. Manual shavers are old now and these days you have a whole range of trendy and advanced electric razors that can shave faster. Be it while shaving hair or the face, you also do not have the hassle of applying shaving gels, creams or much water.

Final words

If you are up for the classy bald look, invest is a shaver that would be best for you. If you are looking for shavers for shaving head online, there are so many brands available in the market. There are also so many websites offering a comparative study of the top shavers available in the marketplace. Do not hurry into investing, do a proper research, find out the best ones, study the specifications, weigh the pros and cons. Buying a quality shaver is worth the investment.


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