Lagundi For Cold And Cough: Is This Really Effective?


A cough is ordinary reflex actions that clean the throat of foreign irritants or mucus. Coughing to clean the throat is usually an infrequent action. This is although a number of circumstances can cause common bouts of coughing. A cough that lasts for more or less than 3 weeks is a deep cough. Lagundi for cold and cough is already present even before -our ancestor uses this already for their children when having various illnesses.

What is Lagundi?

Lagundi is a straight up, shrub or branched tree that develops to as much as 5 meters high. It has a single thick, wood-like stem a trunk and we see it commonly in swamps of the India and Philippines. Lagundi leaves develop palmate, in the form of 5-point leaves which broad out like the fingers of the hand. It is an herbal medicine becoming famous as a treatment for a cold. In fact, the PDH or Philippine Department of Health is strongly promoting it as an alternative medication. The herb is one of the ten herbal medicine certified by Department of Health or DOH.

It has been determining to be versatile in the art of restorative. Who have thought that this medical plant is gradually growing in the Philippines. Furthermore, this has transformed the way to treat contamination such as colds, asthma and flu are some. Although it is generally for the battling of respiratory problems, the Lagundi plant can transfer so much more. For instance, are the aids in a remedy of pharyngitis and asthma. It lessens discomfort from diarrhea and boils, it reduces signs of chicken pox and it reliefs in the elimination of boils and worms.

More Facts about Lagundi

The DOH or Department of Health has acknowledged the efficacy of this herbal for the medical care of respiratory system accusations like flu, asthma, cold, pharyngitis and cough. It helps cough manifestation, unbinds and helps discharge phlegm.

In fact, the Philippine management is promoting this herbal as a natural alternative to western cough cure. To ease a cough you can either drink lagundi tea or mix it with other herbal remedies as well. It is mainly advisable to take 1 cup of the 3 times a day cough remedy. When down with delirium, drink it every 3 hours. Those dealing with asthma can boil 6 tablespoons of new or 4 tablespoon of dried leaves from this plant in 2 cups of water for fifteen minutes. Filter the liquid and drink 1/3 of a cup of this broth 3 times every day, persists the treatment for 1 week.

Lagundi has been popular to have analgesic and antimicrobial characteristics and it consists of a compound -muscle relaxant possessions and chrysophanol D with anti-histamine that assists to relieve the respiratory issue. For example, it prevents the result of a group of chemicals called leukotrienes that guided the inflammation occurring during the asthma attack. In addition, Lagundi proposes anti-asthma and antitussive result due to its anti-inflammatory movement. Thus, Lagundi reliefs reduce the asperity of symptoms of an asthma attack. Boil ½ cup of lagundi leaves in 2 cups of water and drink ½ cup of the broth 3x a day. To maintain more of the leave`s effectiveness, simply pour the boiling water over them and let the leaves soak in the water. Lagundi capsule, syrup and tablet form are also available in the market.


  • Adults half cup (three times a day)
  • Children or Babie (one tablespoon, three times a day)
  • Two to Six Years of age (two tablespoon three time aday)
  • Seven to twelve years of age one fourth cup three times a day

Aside from Cold or Cough here are the other Benefits of Lagundi

  • Remove Boils and Worms
  • Cure discomfort from diarrhea, dyspepsia, rheumatism and boils
  • Lessen signs of chicken pox
  • Help asthma and eases pharyngitis
  • Antidote of flue, colds, broncho-pulmonary ailments, and cough

Immediately, Lagundi has been economically manufactured and purchased in capsule or in syrup form, mixed with other cough element and herbal. Lagundi is proven to be free from harm for the use of children and adults and there are no stated adverse reactions. Even though it is recommended to use it fairly especially for pregnant women and the solution to the problem must not exceed in 1 week.

Other Traditional Treatment of Lagundi

  • The flower of lagundi are used to cure cholera, diarrhea and some of the liver complication
  • Its seeds are blister and eaten for avoidance of toxins opposite to the bites of insects or animals.
  • The leaves broth is used for ulcers and for the wounds, heals flatulence and gastric colic. For aromatic bath, and it can quicken menstruation.
  • The sap from its smash leaves areused for coughs and throats
  • The roots and leaves have cough syrup and diuretic properties and used to cure pain.

When it preparing these herbals, make sure that you have the five-leaf kind because there are other kinds of Lagundi. Better to treat yourself with natural medicines than chemicals, take note of that!


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