Swimming to Lose Weight: Amazing Ways To Melt Away Fat

Australian S12 swimmer Jeff Hardy swims freestyle at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games

Swimming to lose weight is quite beneficial. It helps in burning more calories and putting lesser stress in the body. Furthermore, in swimming, all the major muscles in the bodywork. Thus, it helps in making you tone up and slim down.

You can try to have a formal swimming training in a competing level or if you want. Furthermore, you can also enjoy it in some healthy lengths in your local pool. Whatever you choose, will be beneficial in achieving what weight you desire.

Many of the public pools now offer swimming that combines aerobics that helps in losing weight. Aqua-aerobics is a type of aerobics that is high in impact. Furthermore, it also helps in losing those fats and help tone you.

Benefits of Swimming to Lose Weight

Swimming helps in burning calories which is beneficial in losing weight. Furthermore, it is also a good way to improve the cardiovascular health. Since swimming requires a lot of muscles in the body. Hence, the lungs and heart must work hard to be able to supply the muscles with oxygen. This just means swimming is a good workout for the cardiovascular system.

Take note that any exercise that makes your breathing a bit heavier is actually good. This is because your body is working hard. Since your lungs and heart becomes much stronger, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be able to go for longer before getting tired. This will then decrease the rate of the resting heart and lower the blood pressure.

Moreover, with regular swimming, it helps in improving your health and reduces the risk of some chronic illnesses. Such illnesses include heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Swimming: Improve Figure and Tone Muscles

One of the best all-around aerobic exercises is swimming. This is because it works with all the major muscle groups to target all the areas in the body.

4 main strokes to choose from:





Furthermore, you can modify your swimming sessions to exercise particular areas of the body.

Swimming: Improve Strength

Because you are fighting against the water to drive your body forward, swimming helps in providing continuous resistance exercise. Hence, making it excellent in increasing your strength especially in the upper extremities.

As you progress in swimming, you build muscles that in turn burns fat. Hence, calories will be burned as you swim, and as your swimming improves, you’ll be able to burn more. Furthermore, you’ll also burn more calories even though you’re done swimming. This is because your body utilizes energy to rebuild and recover muscle tissues.

Swimming: Improve Flexibility

The nature of movement when swimming and doing all the swimming strokes helps in improving the body’s flexibility. Furthermore, it also helps in making the muscles and joint be more elastic and move freely into the water. So, aside from swimming to lose weight, you can also do swimming to improve your flexibility.

Some other Benefits of Swimming

-Helps in recovering from a certain injury. This is because swimming is very low in impact however, it still builds an excellent cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Hence, if you have gone through accident and you want to get back on track, swimming is a good thing to try.

-Swimming is fun. You are not just to do a length to length swimming in the pool, you must enjoy doing it too. Furthermore, it is also a good bonding with your family. So next time, get your kids into the pool and enjoy swimming together. It will not just make your body stronger, it will also add to your happy moments.

-Swimming gives relaxation. It can be relaxing and can give you supple time away from all the stress in life. Furthermore, burning calories might be an excellent bonus since that can be the last thing on your mind.

Swimming to Lose Weight: Calorie Burn

Actually, the total calorie burn, if you do swimming to lose weight, depends on your weight. Furthermore, your level of exertion also is a factor to be considered. But regardless of those two, you’ll be able to burn 90-550 extra calories in just a half an hour session.

Final Thought in Lose Weight with Swimming

Swimming combined with a healthy and well-balanced diet is a good combination in losing weight. And actually, if you spend 60 minutes a day in 4-6 days a week, you will be able an amazing result, not just in your weight but also in your overall health.

In order for you to lose weight in swimming, you need to have a proper form and you should keep your heart rate elevated. This is to gain all the health benefits of swimming. However, you should not just focus on losing weight through swimming, you should also enjoy it and be happy of what you do. Because that’s the true essence of losing weight.


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