Taper Hair Styles for 2018

Are you tired of the same hairstyle? Are you a  teenager or a youth out to make name and fame in the big bad world of today? Then this article on hairstyles of 2018 may give you the required look for the wedding. To be honest, 2018 is for the adventurous and daring type of people. But why do you need a hairstyle? In this article, let us look at the need and some of the taper hairstyles for 2018.

Hairstyle existed in human race eons ago. You can see them in the annals of history in pictures of Great Kings and legendary warriors. They sport sporting great dark manes in various dimensions. In fact, by a mere hairstyle, you can create a fashion statement. This is the era of fast-paced life, where first impressions count. And seven seconds is the duration. What is the most exposed part of your physique during the first meeting? The Face. So how do you remember the proverb, First impression is the best impression?

So, hairstyle matters. A lot of hair on the scalp matters a lot. Especially if you are a teenager. You can put the geekiest dress in the world that amounts to a billion dollars. Yet, if you are a teenager, who has a scalp shorn of hair, you end up overruled.

A hairstyle is the best sign of non-verbal body language, you show to the society. Yes, you are with them. The trend. So, if you look at the articles on the internet, you can see the different attitudes because of hairstyle. A bad hair day means that you are low on confidence and are self-conscious. Hairstyle forms the best part to make an evergreen impression and sets the platform for the perfect look.

Yes, the times are changing and the different hairstyles very encouraging. Mentioned below are the new cool tapering hairstyles for boys and men in 2018. Devoid of any future ado, give us the opportunity to present to you the best tapering styles of 2018.

When you mention the classic taper haircut, it comes across the perfect hairstyle for men. You can sport it either at the office with grace or at the beach party with all versatility. Yes, there are many taper haircut styles. You can select the best one for a traditional or fashionable look.

So, what is the popular Classic Taper Haircut or Hairstyle?

No, the style is not old. It consists of very short hair in the sides because of the work with clippers. But the variation in the length of hair amounts to the different hairstyle. You can choose the best one as per the need. So, the style is as follows – the hair gets longer as they go near the top. But it is the opposite – fading happens when you reach the neckline. Either the tapering can happen down to the neck or there may be a short one in the middle area. You can choose the style.

Rule For Men’s Taper Haircut

Yes, there is a need. You cannot expect the style with a bald scalp, right? If there is any chance, then you can use the wig. For the best taper style you need, it is mandatory to have a hair length of two inches all around the scalp. As you know, the length of the hair in the bottom gets faded with clippers. But still, you need to have at least one inch of hair.

The advantage of taper hairstyle is it does not rely on any style. So, the style holds great even for slick back, comb-over, quiff, pompadour or the other trendy hairstyle of men.

How Do You Get Taper Haircuts?

So, you have grown the hair for an entire year. Now, you want a simple taper cut. Yes, many barbers know the style by the name. Did you mention the old school taper haircut? If you do not trust the barber, then show him the pic. You do not want to go asleep and then wake up to the horror of some other hairstyle on your face.

You need to take the decision at the beginning and end of the style. The best way is to ask the barber to get insight into the style that suits you best. Also, inquire about hair products and style tools. Always note, a trim is necessary every four to six week. The haircut will look sharp, fresh and defined. 

The Perfect Style for Tapered Haircut

The tapering hairstyle may be of various kinds, but most involve adding a little volume of hair. If you prefer volume, then go for the pompadour or quiff style. Do you prefer the simple hairstyle – then slide the hair back or yes, the best style will be the comb-over.

Yes, to make the hair adapt to the style, it takes more time, but the result fabulous.

Best Tapered Haircuts To Try

It is your hair, so you need to do it to perfection. The below-mentioned hairstyles are some of the most popular, and you can request them from a barber. Every style gives a different impression from formal to elegant to casual and relaxed. You can try the style as per the event.

·         Tapered Sides with Hard Part and Brushed Up Hair

·        Low Taper Fade with Textured Fringe

·        Classic Taper Fade with Textured Spiky Hair

·        Low Taper Fade with Comb Over


·        Crew Cut with Classic Taper


·        Long Taper Haircut with Side Part

·        Medium-Length Side Part Comb Over with Short Sides

·        Thick Side Swept Hair with Low Taper Fade

·         Long Fringe with Classic Taper

·        Long Brushed Up Hair with Taper Cut

·        Classic Taper Fade with Pompadour

·        Low Taper with Textured Slicked Back Hair

·        Classic Taper Fade with Textured French Crop

·        High Tapered Fade with Long Textured Slick Back

·        Classic Tapered Haircut with Comb Over

·        Brushed Back Hair with Tapered Sides and Beard

·        Low Taper Fade with Long Comb Over and Beard

·        Low Taper Fade with Hard Side Part 


So, we hope that you got information about the tapering styles for 2018. Now, the style is not only about general life, it can also add glitter to your wedding or engagement. On both occasions, you can let your hair down and dance to make merry. So, if you are the bridegroom, you need to have a dress and hairstyle suited for the occasion. Do you need help? It is easy to get guidance from popular engagement planners in Bangalore or any urban city. All you need is to download the app of the best doorstep repair services providing company and place a request. All the engagement planners on the list are already verified by the management team of the company. You can schedule a meeting from the comfort of your home, gym or any other place at your convenience. When the pro comes to the desired location, you can have a conversation and decide on the best hairstyle for the most important day in your life.


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