The Most Effective Treatments For Breast Sagging

Saggy breasts are the deformation and the loss of volume of the breast. This condition is actually just a purely aesthetic issue for women, however, it may cause them to feel uncomfortable and not confident about themselves. What really is this condition? What causes it? What are its symptoms? The answers to all of these questions and more are in this article. Additionally, the treatments for breast sagging are also included here –for you to be able to know how to cure this uncomfortable condition. So, if you want to know all of these, then give this article a read.

What is Breast Sagging?

The breast sagging is a breast condition that is often characterized by the inadvertence of the breast tissue, as well as the areola complex-teat. Furthermore, they also refer breast sagging as the deformation and the loss of the volume of the breast. Actually, this is an issue that is purely aesthetic. However, it is unattractive, thus causing a turmoil in the personal lives of women. This condition makes them feel constrained and shy at times. Breast sagging or what they call mastoptosis is may often lead to the skin maceration underneath the breasts.

Pregnancy, as well as lactation, may help in increasing the breast size as well as the sagging of it. This is mainly due to the tissue stretching that occurs in lactation and pregnancy. Furthermore, the degree of the breast sagging and the reversibility of it may depend on the preliminary state of your prostate preceding to lactation and pregnancy. In some cases, the shape and the elasticity of the breast may still return to its normal shape and elasticity.

In resolving the breast sagging, it actually depends on the degree of the breast ptosis, they may use different types of mastopexy. Furthermore, arthroplasty may also be used in simultaneously tightening the chest. The operations that may be used for the treatment of the condition must only be preceded by the mammography.

What causes Breast Sagging?

The age is an important factor in the reduction of the firmness of the breasts. And the size is not actually that important. However, for some it is still important to have a properly-shaped and firm breast. This is to make their breast effective and healthy. Based on some studies, it is normal that when a certain woman reaches the age of thirty and up, her skin may start to become loose already. This makes their skin to begin showing the signs of aging -and studies suggest that this is by all means true when it comes to the breasts. This is most especially when that particular woman has gone pregnancy.

While breastfeeding, the chest tissues become loose. Hence, after nursing a baby, the breasts lose their own shape and firmness. The main causes or reasons why there is a reduction in the firmness of the breast is breastfeeding as well as aging.

Moreover, there are also some diseases that are associated with breast sagging. These include some respiratory illnesses like tuberculosis and even breast cancer. These may cause the breasts to get weaker cells and weak structure of the internal organs. Thus causing a very small support for the breast, resulting in sagging.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Sagging?

In their mid-thirties, it is just normal for the breast to sag and loses all its fatty tissue, thus resulting in the reduction of its firmness and shape. One of the initial signs of breast sagging is the appearance of the shifting of the areola in the direction of the lower portion of the breast. The connective tissues and the ligaments in the breasts give shape to woman’s breasts. This requires estrogen to remain elastic. As they age, the number of estrogen in their body produces a reductions and this actually has a negative effect on the skin’s elasticity, thus resulting to skin sagging.

Treatments for Breast Sagging

Here are some of the best treatments for breast sagging:

  • Special bras: the kind of bras woman wear is a very important thing to consider. It is important to select a bra that is appropriate for the breast. This is to make the breast look much firmer and it also provides enough support to keep the breast tight and high.
  • Posture: having a proper posture helps in preventing the breast from sagging. Furthermore, it also helps in getting rid of back pain or soreness.
  • General physical activity: doing some physical activities or exercises are beneficial for the prevention of the breast sagging. This is actually one of the greatest treatments for breast sagging.
  • Massage: massaging the breast 2-3 times a week helps in adding firmness to the skin. Furthermore, it also helps in improving the skin texture and the tone.
  • Yoga: some of the asana in yoga helps in strengthening the muscles in the chest. Thus beneficial in strengthening the breast skin as well.
  • Breast exercise: this is one of the best ways in adding firmness on the breasts. Moreover, lifting weights may also be beneficial.


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