What Are The Health Benefits Of Phosphorus?


Many people do not know how essential each vitamin and minerals for our bodies. There are the popular ones such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium. However, there is the mineral that we call, Phosphorus which is an essential element in our lives. In the actual fact, many people do not ever think of taking in the morning. That is why there are many people who do not know the health benefits this mineral can give. Read this article and get to know what the health benefits of phosphorus are.

Phosphorus: What is it and why it is important?

This mineral is the body’s second most plentiful mineral where the calcium is the first. Furthermore, our bodies need this mineral for many functions like repairing the cells and tissues and filtering the waste. Furthermore, some other key roles of this mineral are to help balance the hormones naturally and to utilize the nutrients from the foods that we eat.

This mineral is necessary to effectively contract and move our muscles. Moreover, it acts as the electrolyte within our bodies which helps with the cellular activity, balancing the fluid levels of the body and the heartbeat rhythms.

Eating foods that is rich in this mineral is really vital in order to avoid deficiency in it. The most prominent signs of its deficiency include the following:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Broken bones, fractures or weak bones
  • Muscle and Joint pain
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Hard time exercising
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Anxiety
  • Change in appetite

Food Rich in this Mineral

Most foods have this mineral. Furthermore, the foods that are rich in protein have the highest amounts of phosphorus. The non-protein foods such as potatoes, garlic, and whole grains also have the impressive levels of this mineral. The table below explains the list of the foods which contains a high amount of this mineral:

Food Amount Mineral’s Amount
Sunflower Seeds 3.5 oz 660 milligrams
Peanuts 1 cup 523 milligrams
Soybeans 1 cup 1309 milligrams
Flax seeds 1 tablespoon 65.8 milligrams
Lima beans 1 cup 658 milligrams
Dried Peas 1 cup 721 milligrams
Nuts (cashews) 1 oz / 18 nuts 151 milligrams
Cereals ½ cup 339 milligrams
Lentils ½ cup 178 milligrams
Cheese (American) 1 oz 211 milligrams
Whole Milk 1 cup 227 milligrams
Yogurt (skim, plain) 1 cup / 13 g protein 356 milligrams
Tuna (fresh, cooked) 3 oz 208 milligrams
Salmon (fresh, cooked) 3.0 oz 235 milligrams
Sardines with bone 3 oz 420 milligrams
Potatoes 1 medium 121 milligrams
Eggs 1 large 98 milligrams
Broccoli (cooked) 1 cup 104 milligrams
Grass-fed Beef 3 oz 173 milligrams
Turkey Breast 3 oz 182 milligrams

The Recommended Daily Allowance of this Mineral

Below is the recommended daily intake of this mineral which depends on the age and the gender and as follows:

0-6 months old 100 milligrams
7-12 months old 275 milligrams
1-3 years old 420 milligrams
4-8 years old 500 milligrams
9-18 years old 1,250 milligrams
19-50 years old 700 milligrams
Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women 700 milligrams

As you can see in the table above, the teens are the one who needs this mineral the most for the reason that they are growing rapidly and are developing bone mass. Because of it, the teens also require more calcium and possibly additional calories.

Health Benefits of Phosphorus

We know that this mineral is what our body needed. In addition, below is the list of the health benefits phosphorus, that may give to us which include:

  • Strengthens the teeth and bones.

Phosphorus is vital in the growth process and also in the maintenance of the teeth and bones. It also works with the calcium in order to create strong bones that can withstand the normal tear and wear of the human life. Furthermore, this also helps in boosting the health of the tooth enamel and gums. Also, it lays a strong skeletal structure’s foundation in order to ensure a functional and healthy living

  • Promotes metabolism.

This mineral aids in the process of extraction of energy by stimulating the process of the different nutrients’ metabolism. Also, it helps in the energy’s flow and in an efficient use of it by different organ systems. This is because of the ability of it to efficiently absorb the vitamins.

  • Detoxes the body through excretion and urination.

Phosphorus is important for the function of the kidney and helps the body to detox by eliminating the waste and toxins through the urine. Moreover, the kidney and other digestive organs are relying on the electrolytes. Just like this mineral, magnesium, and potassium in order to balance the levels of sodium, water fat and uric acids within our bodies.

  • Aids in digestion.

This mineral is helping in facilitating proper digestion by stimulating the digestion of niacin and riboflavin effectively. It helps in clearing up indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Furthermore, it tones up the digestion system for normal and healthy bowel movements. This is in order to improve the digestive system’s health. This is one of the best health benefits of phosphorus.


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