Salmon For Weight Loss: Is It Really Essential?


On various bodies of water, there are a lot of sea creatures, which aren’t just amazing to look at but are also delicious to eat. Not just that, the health benefits that they have are also something to look out for. One fish that is valued all over the world is the salmon. For some, salmon is well-deserving of a place on the weight loss menu. Aside from it is rich in essential nutrients, it is also oozing with so many health benefits. But wait, there’s more! Salmons is also good at losing weight! Yes, you read it right, salmon for weight loss is a real deal! If you want to learn more about this sea creature, give this article a read!

What is Salmon?

Salmon is a saltwater fish, which is common in the waters of California, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Moreover, salmon swim through bays and upstream into a freshwater to be able to reproduce. Thus making them very unique among other harvested fishes. Furthermore, salmon is also great for various preparations. These include pickling, smoking, broiling, roasting, grilling, as well as poaching. They are also present in pasta dishes and burgers, tartare and salads.

Moreover, salmon might just be the fish for those who say that they don’t like fish. This is mainly because salmon doesn’t taste like any other fish, and this is a fact. It is rich, it is meaty, and it is satisfyingly enough as well. This might just meddle people away from their red meat routine. And in fact, after all, the orthodox wisdom is that many of the things that are good for us do not necessarily taste so good. However, if you had a simple and properly cooked wild salmon, you will know that that is not true.

Furthermore, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty and has a strong umami taste. This is one of the few kinds of fish in the sea, which may perfectly pair a red wine. Not just that, if you had the ‘ikura’ or the raw eggs, you will know how delightful the flavor is.

Nutritional Facts of Salmon

Salmon has a lot of nutrients that help strengthen the body.

3 ounces or about 85 grams of Atlantic Salmon has:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 175
Protein 18.79 grams
Carbohydrates 0 gram
Fat 10.5 grams
*The same amount of salmon also has:
Nutrient % Daily Value
Vitamin A 4%
Thiamin 12%
Phosphorus 23%
Niacin 28%
Selenium 46%
Vitamin B12 82%

The wild-caught salmon is richer with nutrients that the farmed ones, with the same quantity, wild salmon has:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 118
Protein 3.65 grams
Carbohydrates 0 gram
Fat 19.93 grams
*The same amount of salmon also has:
Nutrient % Daily Value
Vitamin A 4.8%
Thiamin 5%
Phosphorus 39%
Niacin 48%
Selenium 59%
Vitamin B12 177%
Vitamin D 64%

Salmon also has a cholesterol content. However, it does not necessarily increase the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body.

How To Choose The Best Salmon For You?

How do we go about choosing the right type of salmon? Well, actually, there are so many choices, and it’s quite overwhelming at first.

  • Farmed vs. Wild: this depends on various factors. As stated earlier, wild ones are the healthy ones. But there are some people who prefer the farmed ones as well. So the decision mainly depends on you.
  • Atlantic or Pacific: the Pacific varieties have flesh that ranges from a deep orange to a bright red color. The Atlantic ones, on the other hand, has pink flesh and is generally farmed because of the impact of water pollution.
  • Fresh or Frozen: this is actually a tough call, and it may just probably be a matter of preference. Whatever you choose, you will still have an easy, quick, and delightful meal.

Salmon for Weight Loss: How does it help?

The connection between salmon and losing weight may have come from a study in 2007. This particular study suggests that overweight men that follow the reduced-calorie diet who ate salmon has lost a whopping 2 pounds more than the group who follows a reduced-calorie diet.

Even though salmon may not be that magical for weight loss, it really does offer some benefits, especially for those who want to be fit. Of all the nutrients in it, the protein is the most satiating. This just means that it is essential in keeping the hunger at bay, much better than the carbs or fat.

Remember, the hunger control is a key benefit when you are following a certain reduced-calorie diet. Furthermore, there are also some pieces of evidence that say, eating diet higher in protein can be beneficial in burning more calories in the body. Including salmon regularly in weight loss diet may help in preserving the muscle mass, while losing fat.


Even though salmon has all the rights to be in the weight loss menu, it would not really help you in losing weight. Not unless, it is just a part of the reduced-calorie diet, which is supported by a regular exercise. Nonetheless, the salmon is dense in calories, which makes it easy to work into the daily goals. Not just that, the omega 3 fatty acids in it is also essential in getting rid of the extra fats in the body!


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