5 Reasons Vitamin E Helps Acne Scars

If you are like everyone else your teenage years were filled with fun, activities and acne. I am sure you all remember at least one person who got one those dream crushing red mountains on the tip of their noise just before a big date or the prom. They did everything they could to hide that erupting volcano from using creams, make-up hider to even faking having a broken nose.

These red mountains would eventually disappear but the trauma they caused remains in nightmares for decades to come. Not all remedies worked in time to spare the youth of an embarrassing evening with the date of their dreams. But they would disappear eventually. Acne doesn’t always just disappear altogether or cleanly. Some people are left to deal with the ugly fallout of acne scars

Here are 5 reasons why Vitamin E is good for taking care of those nasty reminders of embarrassing moments in life. It is a great source for maintaining your skin health and healing of skin tissue.


It Is An Anti-oxidant

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This means that vitamin E will fight imperfections that cause damage to your skin. It is a health agent that works against fats.


Fat Dissolving Vitamin

Vitamin E is a fat dissolving vitamin. At contributes to bad skin and Vitamin E helps remove skin threatening fats before they become a problem.


Regulates The Transition Of Vitamin A In The Body

Vitamin E regulates the transition of Vitamin A in the body. This process helps to keep skin healthy and looking beautiful.


Helps The Toning Process

Vitamin E helps the toning process of your skin and works to repair damaged cells and tissues in the body.


Helps In The Forming Of Red Blood Cells

Vitamin E helps in the forming of red blood cells which bring needed oxygen around the body including the skin.

There are many different forms in which you can purchase Vitamin E to help you with acne scars. These varieties range from oils to creams to capsules. You just need to find the right variety to help you combat acne scars.

There are a couple of warnings any acne scar sufferer needs to be aware as results may vary and you may not achieve the look others have through Vitamin E use. First, experts say that Vitamin E is only good for surface or temporary scars. These are scars that will go away on their own over time but Vitamin E helps speed up the process.

If you have deeper more permanent scars you may need to seek the advice of a dermatologist and use other treatments to rid yourself of those ugly scars. Second, doctors warn that too much Vitamin E is harmful to your body. They limit your Vitamin E intake in natural form to only 1000mg per day and in synthetic form to 670 mg per day. Some of the side effects or bad results of taking too much Vitamin E are thinning of the blood, a rise in the risk of bleeding as well as bleeding into the brain.

Just watch your Vitamin E intake and you will be on your way to healthier looking skin in a matter of days. Vitamin E is not a miracle cure but it does help the process of removing those scars and helps get rid of acne scars faster than if you let them go naturally.


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