7 Hotter Lipstick Shades For Spring Summer 2018

With the arrival of the summer season, all the fashion and beauty tips and trends are revealing on the streets, Facebook and Instagram. If you are a fashion freak and like to look updated with fashion then surely you must have started following the latest fashion trends.

There is no doubt in the fact that lipstick enhances your fashionable looks and choosing the right shade for glowing your lips is all that constitutes to your style and fashion sense. Lipstick can be layered effortlessly and beautifully with different makeup looks and attires. So here we are discussing the hotter lipstick shades for spring summer. Have a look:

1. Red lip shade:

The red color isn’t in the trend anymore but the way models are wearing it is trendy. The hot red color is the perfect solution for your lips this spring summer. It is the most astonishing pick up for any makeup look and suits well with every occasion. This shade is comfortable for the day hours as a stain and looks fabulous during the night.

2. Glass lips:

If you are following fashion bloggers, you must have seen the images coasting around of delicious, intensely shined glass lips. This shade is all set to glow your summer lips. You can choose from a variety of shades and it is the everyday item you never knew you can use. It is best for those looking for truly glass lips. You can wear it for intense shining lips or you can also add this shade over your favorite lipstick for extra shining.

3. Peach please:


For peachy perfect pictures, use this pretty shade to complement your eye makeup or you can layer it with matching peach blush for more monochromatic effort. This creamy lipstick produces butter like feel on the lips and never goes on dry or patchy. You can apply the shade to produce a two-toned lip look or creating an ombre effect.

4. Bright orange:

There is nothing better to welcome the hotter summer by wearing a trace of sunshine on your lips. The bold shade looks well on the tanned skin if added up with mascara, highlighter and a little bit of makeup. The best thing about this color is it goes with every skin tone and brightens up your face.

5. Pepto pink:


The astounding pink shade looks decent and sweet. To enhance the appearance, apply the matching liner along with pinky lipstick. This lipstick suits this current season’s fun-loving shading palette and looks fabulous with bronzed summer skin. You can try the various pink shades in different brands with different formulas and textures. The long-lasting formula will not look patchy and stay fine all day long.

6. Bold lipstick shades


Do you love to play with colors on your lips? This season welcome the valiant shades like violet, blue, black and green. These strong tones should be layered well with natural makeup to give a perfect look. Pair the bold shades with deep Smokey eyes and become the center of attraction wherever you go. Not everyone uses these bold colors but definitely, it is a cool trend of lipstick in 2018.

7. Fresh nude:

A suitable nude shade works as an all-rounder and goes with all the outfits and colors. Nude lipstick has different undertones, it can be mauve undertone or muted undertone. You can wear the nude color every day to college, work or even at festivals with bold makeup. Simply apply winged eyeliner with mascara coating and you are all set to go.


So it’s time to grab the latest shades and create a new impression this summer. With these vibrant shades and bold new lipstick colors, you can make a real statement. Complement your makeup with this alluring lipstick colors and turn up the heads everywhere.


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