Astonishing Health Benefits of Tofu

Tofu, in fact, comes from soya beans and has a lot of amazing health benefits. The health benefits of tofu include the reduction of cancer risk, osteoporosis, and anemia. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and maintain the cardiovascular health. It is also a good source of protein. Additionally, for many centuries, this amazing ingredient has been used in some global cuisines, like Chinese foods.

What is tofu in the first place?

Tofu: What is it?

Bean curd or tofu is made by pressing the viscous soya milk into white flat blocks. Tofu is so ideal for those who don’t eat meat. Vegetarians and vegans favor this food than meat because it has no trace of any animal product, it’s all pure organic. Not only that, the food is also rich in nutrients.

The term tofu comes from Japan, however, many people use this as well. The food is now widespread and is a favorite of some. Not only because it’s a delicious substitute for meat but also because it is very rich in nutrients, even though it just appears simple.

Moreover, the food is low in calorie content but is rich in numerous organic compounds that are important for the body. Even though it isn’t totally a protein, if you partner it with some other healthy foods, it can give a positive effect on the overall health.

Tofu has become famous in the world because of some religious reasons. Some religion prohibits their followers to not eat meat, that’s why tofu is a great substitute. Aside from Asian cuisines, now in almost all the parts of the world, tofu is part of their ingredients.

Tofu: Nutritional Values

Tofu contains a very minute quantity of fat. However, it is oozing with protein, which is important in the overall function of the body. The food is also low in calorie content that’s why it’s ideal for those who want to lose weight. Moreover, tofu contains low levels of sodium and has almost no trace of cholesterol, meaning, it’s good for the heart.

When it comes to the minerals and vitamins content, tofu is also oozing. Tofu is very rich in iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus. Furthermore, it also has an adequate amount of manganese and calcium.  Also, tofu has zinc and potassium, and much more essential minerals for the overall health.

The vitamins of tofu are also amazing. Tofu has significant levels of vitamin K, riboflavin, vitamin B6, thiamin, and folate. Furthermore, it also contains some amounts of niacin and pantothenic acid. Vitamins, in combination with all the essential minerals in tofu, makes it a very healthy choice for diet.

Amazing Health Benefits of Tofu

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of tofu:

Helps prevent breast and prostate cancer. Research suggests that the genistein content of tofu has antioxidant properties which may help in preventing the growth of cancer cells. Furthermore, there is also an evidence that states that a regular consumption of soy may help in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Helps in preventing cardiovascular disease. The isoflavones in tofu help in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. This is even though it doesn’t seem to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

Helps improve kidney function. The soy protein, in particular, helps in enhancing the renal function. Furthermore, it also helps those who are undergoing some kidney transplant or kidney dialysis.

Helps prevent osteoporosis. The isoflavones in tofu may help in reducing the risk of bone loss and may help in increasing the density of bones. Especially for those mothers who are experiencing their menopausal stage.

Helps prevent type 2 diabetes. Some study shows that consuming soy protein may help in the diet than that protein that is from animals. Furthermore, researchers suggest that this incident might benefit patients with type 2 diabetes.

Helps prevent liver damage. A certain study shows that any type of tofu may help in preventing the risk of having liver damage.

Helps in preventing some age-related brain illnesses. Some population studies suggest that in places where people consume more soy, there are a lower numbers of age-related mental illnesses. Furthermore, studies also show that soy products may help people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Nutritional content of Tofu

Here are some of the nutritional contents that contribute to the amazing health benefits of tofu:

-Folate: 27 mcg

-Zinc: 2 mg

-Potassium: 178 mg

-Phosphorus: 282 mg

-Iron: 3.35 mg

-Magnesium: 65

-Calcium: 421 mg

-Protein: 15.57 g

-Fat: 12.19 g

-Carbohydrates: 5.36 g

-Calories: 177


Tofu really is an amazing food that does not only have amazing taste, but also oozing with benefits. The health benefits of tofu are all astounding, most especially in the prevention of many types of illnesses. However, like any other foods, you should control the intake of tofu because it might harm you.


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