Best Home Remedies to Treat Tailbone Pain


Do you feel a sudden pain in your lower back when you sit down or stand up? You might be experiencing a tailbone pain. It is undeniably a distressing situation, isn’t it? It is right and just to know the different home remedies to treat tailbone pain.

If you have been experiencing the pain for a long time now, you must not look further now. Read unto this post to know the causes and some effective ways to prevent and cure tailbone pain.

What is Tailbone Pain?

Coccydynia is the medical term for the pain in the tailbone area. The tailbone area or the coccyx is located in between the buttocks and lies above the anus. When this certain bone becomes inflamed, you may experience a sudden tenderness and pain. Furthermore, the pain gets serious when you sit.

Causes of Tailbone Pain

The most painful condition which affects the lower back and the tailbone is injuries. Good thing there are numerous ways that you can do to contract this sudden condition. Here are some of the most common causes of tailbone pain:

– Cancer, this chronic disease can be a serious condition which may cause a pain in the lower back or the tailbone area. However, this cause is not common.

– Having an infection in the base of the soft tissue or the spine may cause pus accumulation, this can be painful and may lead to tailbone pain.

– A bone spur is a lesser known cause of tailbone pain. Furthermore, bone spur, being an extra growth in the bone may put an extra pressure on it and may lead to tailbone pain.

– There are timers that the condition has no cause at all. Moreover, you might experience the pain even without having an injury at all.

– Due to the repetitive motion that is used in sports like cycling, rowing, and bowling, it may cause a tailbone pain.

– Pregnancy, this phase of motherhood may cause tailbone pain and at times may also lead to fracture. This is very common in the trimesters.

– Direct impact on the tailbone area may cause pain. Mostly, this happens in contact sports.

– One of the most common causes of tailbone pain is falling. When you suddenly fall while sitting and you hit your back on the ground that’s hard, you might possibly get a tailbone injury.

Symptoms of Tailbone Pain

Now, you already know the possible causes of tailbone pain, let’s look at some of the symptoms of this sudden condition. If you know these symptoms, you’ll be able to equip yourself with enough knowledge. Hence, if you experience it, you’ll know if you’re going to the doctor or not.

Some of these symptoms include:

– Sharp pain during sexual intercourse.

– Straining and passing stools are relatively painful.

– Pain in the tailbone area increasingly gets worse when sitting for a long time or if you apply direct stress in the tailbone area.

– A bruise in the tailbone area may appear sometimes.

– The area is relatively tender. Furthermore, the pain is also relatively severe.

How to Prevent Tailbone Pain?

Some of the best ways to prevent tailbone pain include the following:

– Being more careful in the environment. This is since falling with your tailbone area first is the most common cause of the injury. You must be cautious about the spills on the floors.

– Wearing an appropriate protective gear while doing some intensive workout or playing sports.

Home Remedies to Treat Tailbone Pain

Here are some of the most amazing ways to treat tailbone pain:

Essential vitamins. The condition is often associated with the deficiency in vitamins like vitamin D, B12, B6. Consuming a suitable amount of these essential vitamins may help in reducing the chances of developing tailbone pain.

Epsom salt bath. Warm water that contains Epsom salt helps in relaxing the body. Furthermore, it also reduces the stress on the back muscles and cures pain.

Massage. Massaging the levator ani muscle may relieve the pain in the tailbone area. By using this, you’ll be able to get rid of the pain.

Castor oil. They consider this as one of the best remedies to treat tailbone pain. This is mainly because the oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which enables a quick recovery. Furthermore, the oil also helps in treating various pain that is caused by infections since it has antimicrobial properties as well.

Heat or Ice Pack. This is probably the most common remedies to treat tailbone pain. Many studies show that by applying cold or heat to the tailbone pain, it helps to reduce the pain.


Tailbone pain may interrupt your daily chores or routines. Using all of the above-mentioned remedies to treat tailbone pain may help in easing the pain. Furthermore, it may also give further comfort. So, if you experience a sudden pain in your tailbone area, you’ll know now what to do. If you can’t, you must consider going to your doctor.


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