Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut milk and coconut oil on wooden table

Coconut oil is generally classified as a super oil because of its great benefits that are very useful to health building. However, it is important to get the organic, virgin oil for maximum benefits instead of the refined one. The oil from coconut can increase the brain function, facilitate weight loss and moisturize the skin. These are not the only plus sides of coconut oil, there are much more and they are stated below.


It Contains Fatty Acid And Medicinal Properties

Coconut oil has proven to be one of the most abundant sources of saturated fat. Research and evidence have shown that saturated fat isn’t harmful to the body, as a matter of fact, it is very effective for a healthy life. And besides, the coconut oil doesn’t have the normal saturated fat found in the average steak or cheese, they are made of Medium-Chain Triglycerides which can temporally serve as a fatty acid. The common fatty acid found in meals are long chain fatty acid, whereas the one found inside the oil produced by coconut is metabolized in a different way. They are medium-chain fatty acid. They can help as a fast energy source or turn into ketones. These ketones can help reduce the effect of brain disorder like Alzheimer therapeutically and epilepsy.


Can Help Burn Fat

While it is a known fact that obesity is a major problem relating to health in the world, some people beg to differ. They think it is just about calories whereas the source of the calories is also important to determine the obesity effect. We all react to food differently and a number of calories injected from a particular meal would vary widely among different people. The medium-chain triglycerides can accelerate a number of calories that you burn.


Eliminate Harmful Microorganisms

The percentage of fatty acids in coconut oil that has 12-carbon Lauric Acid is almost 50%. When you digest lauric acid, it metamorphoses into monolaurin. These acids, Laurin and monolaurin are leather to dangerous pathogens like viruses, fungi and bacteria.


Can Help the Reduction of Hunger

Some people would be thrilled about the fact that coconut oil has the ability to decrease the rate of hunger in their body. This is a good feature because a longer period of time can ensure a reduction in body weight and size. Ketones have an effect that reduces appetite, so that can be the major reason.


Can Increase Blood Cholesterol

The saturated fat in coconut oil is very healthy and they have the possibility of improving your blood cholesterol. There has been a different study on both human and animals to show the usefulness of coconut oil. Rat studies have proved that coconut oil decreases the LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and enhances blood coagulation factor.


Can Help Skin Moisturizing and Protect the Hair against Damages

It is not really a priority to benefit from coconut oil by eating, another great use can be for cosmetic purposes. There has been much evidence that has shown that this oil can aid moisturize the skin and improve skin appearance. It can also help people with dry skin get more oil to their skin. It has been applied for hair treatment and mouth washing. It kills bacteria and leaves you healthy. Coconut oil has proven to be capable of all these and a lot more. So using some every now and then wouldn’t be a bad idea.


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