The Most Fabulous Health Benefits Of Reflexology Massage


Have you ever heard of the reflexology massage before? Do you know what this is? Well, this is an alternative treatment for some conditions and has been in use for more than a thousand years now. There are actually a lot of health benefits of reflexology massage. These include its ability to stimulate the nerve function, eliminate toxins from the body, induce relaxation, boost the circulation, and increase energy levels, among others.

Whether you are working in a filed, a factory, a hospital, or an office, there is a chance that you put a lot of stress and weight on your feet every single day. It is actually not constantly the back. Stress may manifest itself in some other parts of the body too. People frequently opt for massages, so it really makes sense that there must be a massage intended for the feet too, right? However, the reflexology is more than a foot massage, yet its foundation: that’s the easiest way I could explain the process. This particular area of massage therapy also includes the ears and hands, thus making it a holistic massage.

Give this article a read and get to learn more about this amazing type of massage.

Reflexology Massage: What is this?

Reflexology or reflexology massage is a good alternative treatment for various conditions. It has now been in use for over thousands of years. In the actual fact, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese have documented practices the same to the reflexology as a cure for the body’s reflex areas.

Imagine there is a certain connection in between the zones of the feet and the hands, which represent various areas of the body, which may be managed or adjusted over these zones. Many of the theories behind the reflexology have something to do with the alignment of the qi. Nevertheless, even for those who usually do not invest too much in this particular discipline. There are a lot of studies, which have supported the claims of these reflexologists.

Moreover, it isn’t extensively accepted in the field of medicine, yet thousands and thousands of physicians all over the world have been using the reflexology massage for generations now. And guess what, they surprisingly produce positive results. If there’ll be treatments for so many conditions that affect the different parts of the body, the reflexology massage is worth the try, isn’t it?

Health Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Here are some of the most fabulous health benefits of reflexology massage:

  • Helps in treating cancer. Even though reflexology is not directly in connection to the treatment of cancer, it’s popular to help in easing the side effects of the different cancer treatments, just like chemotherapy. It actually helps cancer patients to get a sound sleep through the reduction of anxiety. This is one of the greatest health benefits of reflexology massage.
  • Helps in speeding up healing. The combination of the boost in both blood circulation and nerve activity and the balance in the functioning of the metabolism means that the cells tend to regrow much faster and the wounds heal much quicker.
  • Helps in reducing the headaches. The reflexology massage is mainly used by a lot of people in getting rid of the pain. Since it is an analgesic treatment, it may reduce the severity of a migraine, even headache.
  • Helps in stimulating the nervous system. The open neural pathways that the reflexology does may benefit the central nervous system in a lot of ways. It does not just enhance the ability of the brain to handle the inputs more efficiently, thus speeding the cognitive prowess, and boost the memory.
  • Helps in eliminating toxins. The massage treatment is essential in the improvement of the bladder function and the reduction of the urinary tract issues. This just means that when it comes to toxicity, reflexology is essential in eliminating toxins and some other foreign entities.
  • Helps in increasing circulation. One of the most popular health benefits of reflexology massage is the improvement of the blood circulation all over the body. This just means that the oxygen and blood cycle all over the body effectively.

How will Reflexology be Beneficial?

Apart from the stress management and relaxation, reflexology may have a lot of some other benefits. These include the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Blood circulation
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

In case, however, you suffer from a sore foot, athlete’s foot, foot fractures, cuts, bruises, ingrown toenails, or varicose veins, you need to avoid this treatment.

The reflexology massage has the capacity to stimulate the nerve function, which is beneficial in increasing the energy levels of the body, depression, sleeping disorders, clear the urinary tract infections, prevent migraines, aid the central nervous system, improve the circulation, etc.

If you spend a lot of your time on your feet, whether it is through work or some recreational reasons, you are putting your feet in a lot of pressure and this may cause a lot of stress all over the body, not just the feet.


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