Onion Juice: Immunity, Weight Loss And Health Benefits

Onions are the most versatile of all vegetables, used in many foods across the world. This flavoursome and pungen- smelling vegetable is the life of many dishes. They might bring tears to one’s eyes, but they are irresistible at the same time! This wonderful vegetable can be served raw, sliced up for salads and sandwiches or even roasted and added to curries and soups. Their usefulness is not only proven in the culinary world but also recognized in the medicinal world. They contain numerous nutrients which offer long-term health benefits.

Onions contain Isoalliin as their active ingredient, along with dipropyl and methyl propyl di, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, chromium, folate, phosphorous, dietary fibres, quercetin, flavonoids and copper. Isoalliin is the phytonutrient compound that causes the eyes to burn while cutting them. It is generated when the sulphur compounds released by the ruptured cells of the onion come in contact with air. Onions are rich in sulphur compounds, containing about 100 of them. The presence of these compounds provides many health benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Health Benefits Of Onion Juice

Prevents Asthma

The Isoalliin compound found in onions and onion juice has been recognized as being able to prevent the biochemical chain that leads to respiratory diseases like asthma and respiratory congestion.

Protects Against Colon Cancer

Onion juice has been proven to be beneficial in providing anti-proliferation protection against colon cancer cells, while yellow shallots provide immunity from liver cancer cells.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Onion juice is a rich source of phenolic compounds and Quercetin, a flavonoid which is used as a nutritional supplement for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-microbial Properties

Some studies have claimed that onion juice also has anti-microbial properties, offering resistance to bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Prevents Cancer

Onion juice has excellent hypoglycemic properties, as well as the capacity to decrease platelet aggregation. The anti-oxidant properties of onions and onion extracts also makes them beneficial in fighting cancers by inhibiting the mutation processes that trigger the disease and preventing the cell proliferation of colon, kidney and liver cancer.


Amino acids and s-methyl cysteine sulfoxide, found in onion juice, provide onions with anti-diabetic effects.

Maintains Healthy Bones

Onion juice also helps to maintain healthy bones in women aged 50 years & above, especially after menopause. Garlic sauce, which is a product of onion juice, is a long-favored natural sustenance wellspring of germanium, containing around 750 sections for each million. Additionally it is by all accounts preferred to concentrate selenium over most different foods grown from the ground, providing 20 micrograms per 100g. The correct amount of these components will rely on upon where your garlic juice is produced, as some soils have wealthier supplies than others. Both germanium and selenium are thought to be important cancer prevention agents.

Assisting Digestive Tracks

Onion juice has been used as a drug for approximately 5,000 years. Onion juice assists the body’s digestive tracks.

It holds a lot of importance in promoting health because of its ability to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, hypertension and the chance of heart disease. It also prevents cancer and the formation of tumours, improving lung functionality (especially in asthmatics). It can be said that onion juice is the best juice when it comes your health!


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