Home Remedies for Swollen Feet


Swollen feet is a very common problem experienced by a number people, which is as a result of exertion. Swelling of feet is well noticed during pregnancy. Other causes of swelling in the feet are menstruation, obesity, old age resulting in weakness of bones, and foot injuries. Also referred as edema or peripheral edema; swollen feet is also caused due to abnormal retention of water and fluids. Swelling feet is also observed in people having a high quantity of uric acid in the body or other health problems such as kidney problem, urine infection, internal foot infection, nervous problem and stress. Swelling in the feet also causes pain. It is good to address this problem at the right time. Before seeking any medication, try home remedies, they can prove beneficial.


Here Are Some Helpful Home Remedy Tips For Swollen Feet Treatment:


Lift Your Feet While Sitting

It is vital factor demanding immediate attention to get fast relief from a swollen foot. Whenever you sit, you should make rest your feet on height by placing a stool under your desk or any other support. Cross-legged sitting posture should be avoided.


Long sitting should be Avoided

Do not sit in one pose or at one place for a long period of time. You must take a short walk like going to the washroom and walking to a colleague rather sending an email. You should move your leg muscles to decrease the chances swelling feet.


Stop Or Less Consumption Table Salt And Processed Foods

Table salt and sodium-rich processed foods make your body to hold fluid and degrade the condition of swollen feet. Hence avoiding it is good and effective prevention.


Bring Down Your Weight

Overweight or obesity brings swelling in feet. Hence, one must bring down the weight. This will make your feet to take normal shape.


Practicing Regular Exercise

Physical fitness is the key factor for attaining sound health condition and can also treat swollen feet. Instill habit of regular exercising and you can also lose weight.


Abstain From Anti-inflammatory Agents

Another helpful home remedy for swollen feet is ignoring the regular use of anti-inflammatory agents.


Consumption Of Water In Good Quantity

You can take off toxins from your system by drinking lots of water and thus can reducing swelling in feet and ankles.


Massaging Your Feet Helping Circulation

Follow massaging twice a day, as it helps in proper fluid circulation and good treatment for swelled feet.


Foot Showers

Help to direct the water adjust and work wondrously if there should be an occurrence of swelling feet. Absorb your feet substituting hot and cool water. Rehash this swelling foot cure a few times for the duration of the day for best outcomes.


Ginkgo Biloba

Consume Ginkgo biloba removes, for they reinforce heart and the circulatory system, along these lines easing swelling feet.


Bedstraw Herb

Put bedstraw herb in a blender and extract the juice. Take 1-2 drops of the tincture day by day. The herb has diuretic property. It causes the kidneys to keep up legitimate liquid adjust in the body and in this way checks swelling of feet.


Topical utilization

Topical utilization of stallion chestnut concentrates checks varicose-vein prompted edema


Dried Dandelion Root

Put 1 teaspoon dried dandelion root in some water and stew for 15 minutes. Strain and drink the tea thrice day. This soothes swelling feet.


Dried Bother Leaves

Put 1 tablespoon dried bother leaves into equal parts glass bubbling water and soak for 15 minutes. Channel and drink a container thrice every day. This detoxifies your system and lessens swelling of feet.


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