How to Conquer Food Cravings

Food cravings are the worst enemy of those who are on a diet. Maintaining your diet isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to fight particularly strong cravings. However, to attain the figure you really want, you need to stick to your plan. Don’t worry, though. We’re gonna tell you some easy ways to conquer food cravings!

What are Food Cravings?

Cravings are the worst enemy of the dieter. They are uncontrollable and intense desires for a particular food, stronger even than our standard feelings of hunger. Generally, the foods we crave are those that are processed and full of fat and sugar, which is why people who give in to cravings tend to struggle more with their weight.

Tips for Conquering Cravings

Plan your meals –If you can, try to plan and prepare your meals for the week. By taking the possibility and uncertainty out of your daily meals, you’re more likely to avoid impulsive decisions.

Drink plenty of water – Food cravings are sometimes misinterpreted, and you’re actually just thirsty. If you’re feeling snacky, drink some water and give the craving a few minutes to go away.

Eat more protein – Eating a large amount of protein every day is proven to reduce your appetite and keep you from overeating. Increasing your protein intake can reduce food cravings by up to 60% and keep you feeling full for longer.

Combat stress – Stress induces cravings and can affect eating behaviors.

Avoid extreme hunger – We all know that hunger is the main reason we experience food cravings. You should eat regularly and keep a healthy snack on you to prevent having to make impulsive meal decisions.

Distance yourself from cravings – when you suddenly crave a specific food, avoid it. Research suggests that chewing gum can also help you feel occupied and reduce your cravings and appetite.

Eat proper meals – Improper and unsatisfying meals can cause cravings, so it’s important that your body gets the right nutrients from what you eat.

Practice mindful eating – Mindfulness is a type of meditation that we can relate to eating. It helps us develop awareness of healthy eating habits, hunger, emotions and food cravings. Mindful eating is about recognizing and learning the difference between hunger and cravings, which will help you choose an appropriate response.

Eat spinach extract – Spinach extract is the newest supplement available in the market. Derived from spinach leaves, research shows that it helps delay the digestion of fats in our body. This increases the level of hormones responsible for reducing hunger, appetite and food cravings.

Get adequate sleep – having inadequate sleep may disrupt our hormones, causing irregular appetite and stronger cravings. Studies show that people who aren’t getting enough sleep are at higher risk of becoming obese, so it’s best to prioritize your shut-eye.


Cravings are normal and common, but if you’re on a diet, it’s best not to give in. You’ll gain the weight you’re working so hard to lose! Being aware of what causes cravings and which foods you tend to crave most will help you overcome them, and having healthy foods conveniently on hand will help make good choices easier.


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