How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes can affect anybody. Neither men nor women can get away from it. There are actually a lot of reason why dark circles may form under the eyes, including lack of sleep, a disturbed lifestyle, hormonal changes, stress, hereditary reasons or more. If they are not cured, they can dull your overall appearance or even become a more serious health issue. The good news is, there are many tips on how to safety get rid of dark circles.

Dark Circles: Why Do They Appear?

Dark circles often appear because of hereditary traits, dry skin, aging, prolonged crying, stress, lack of sleep and much more. Men and women of different ages are prone to this skin problem. Here are some of the factors that can trigger the buildup of these dark circles around the eyes.

Age. This is one of the main factors why dark circles appear under the eyes. As we age, our skin loses its collagen and thins, causing the veins to show more prominantly. Excessive exposure to the sun, like when sunbathing, speeds up this process.

Seasonal Allergies. Some people blame the weather or the season when talking about their dark circles. This may be because they are more exposed to the sun, which causes a buildup of dark circles.

Genetics. If you have inherited thin or fair skin under the eyes, then you can’t prevent them from happening. Dark circles underneath your eyes will continuously occur.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Almond Oil – Rich in vitamin E, this oil is an emollient. Because of this, the skin becomes more supple.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes are an excellent solution for removing dark circles, as they naturally help reduce their appearance. Furthermore, it makes the skin softer and more supple.

Orange Juice – Orange juice is very effective in removing dark circles under the eyes. Not only that, it can also give you naturally glowing skin and eyes.

Grated Potatoes – “In just a week, your dark circles will be removed.” This is the promise of applying grated potatoes to your skin.

Cold Milk – Regular consumption of cold milk help reduce the appearance of dark circles and helps soothe your skin and eyes.

Cold Tea Bags – This is actually a simple technique to remove the dark circles. You just need to soak the tea bags in cool water then put them on top of your eyes.

Mint Leaves – These leaves are not only useful for their amazing aroma and refreshing tastel they can also be used to get rid of unpleasant dark circles.

Rose Water – This is known for rejuvenating skin and other beautification qualities.

Yoga or Meditation – One of the main reasons dark circles develop is stress. Yoga or meditation, when done regularly, will help reduce dark circles. It can also balance the body clock while calming the soul, body and mind.

Cucumber – Leaving sliced cucumber on the dark circles helps reduce them. Furthermore, because of the nutrients the cucumber has, the skin becomes softer.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

  • Use sunscreen or a lightening product if you obtained dark circles from increased pigment.
  • Take an antihistamine to clear it all up
  • Sleep on your back with an extra clean pillow
  • Try applying Prep H or Preparation H
  • Always stay hydrated
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • Use retinoid
  • Eat vitamin C-rich foods
  • Consume enough iron.
  • Drink vitamins that produce collagen
  • Avoid smoking
  • Try cooling down your dark circles
  • Avoid excess salt in your diet
  • Use your makeup remover moderately
  • Get enough sleep
  • Use essential oils


There you have it! All of the above-mentioned tips and remedies on how to get rid of dark circles have been proven. Put some of these tips and remedies into your daily routines and you’ll see clear results.

Don’t forget that, as in everything you do, there are consequences. If you don’t want to get unpleasant dark circles under your eyes, don’t stress yourself too much. Enjoy life, have some fun and live like it’s the end of the world!


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