Surprising Natural Treatments for GERD

Have you ever felt that burning sensation in your neck or throat? That may possibly be a symptom of GERD. Acid reflux or GERD occurs when your throat, neck, chest, or heart feels like it is burning in pain. Good thing you don’t need to endure the pain because there are a lot of treatments for GERD.

What is GERD?

GERD is actually the acronym for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Furthermore, this condition occurs as a result of acid reflux. When you have this disease, your esophagus may become painful and swollen because of the acid that your stomach is producing. What causes the pain is the acid that goes through the throat.

The esophagus is the long tube that attaches the mouth to the stomach. This also helps in making the food that we eat go down in the stomach. When we eat food, it goes towards the esophagus and travels through the stomach, then the acid in the stomach helps digest the food.

The reason why there is no constant pain in the stomach is that the special lining in it protects it from the acid. Furthermore, the acid in the stomach cannot pass through the stomach walls. However, in the throat, there is no lining like in the stomach that’s why acid reflux or GERD occurs. And when GERD kicks in, you’ll feel like there’s a fire in your throat.

Causes of GERD

Here are some factors that may cause GERD:

-Some certain medications, like antihistamines, nitrates, and calcium channel blockers.

-A diet plan that is rich in garlic, onions, fatty foods, caffeinated drinks, citrus, spicy stuff, etc.

– Immediately eating before sleeping, along with eating meals that are too large.

– Very fast gaining of weight, hiatal hernia, diabetes, pregnancy, and some other medical conditions.

-Being overweight, drinking, smoking, slouching, and having a normally poor lifestyle.

Symptoms of GERD

GERD is a very painful condition since your body is like eating up itself. Here are some indications that maybe you are suffering from GERD:

-Sudden acid reflux, which actually means vomiting the food that you have already swallowed.

-Feeling like the chest is on fire. This burning sensation may spread into the throat, causing the mouth bile to taste bitter.

-Sudden discomfort in the chest area.

-The occurrence of a very dry and insistent cough that has no clear cause.

-having a hard time swallowing food, even water, and ice cream is hard to swallow.

A sore throat.

If you happen to experience these symptoms, you might need some treatments for GERD. This is to relieve the pain that you feel. You must also seek your doctor’s opinion for you to solve the problem safely and easily.

Natural Treatments for GERD

Looking for the best GERD treatment? Actually, it is easy, the best cure for GERD is changing your lifestyle. Here are some of the natural treatments for GERD that may help you in dealing with GERD through changing your lifestyle:

Take Vitamin D. To prevent your esophagus from being ruined by the stomach acids, take foods and supplements that are rich in vitamin D. this vitamin helps in creating peptides which help in eliminating any infections in the body.

Balance your Acid Levels. Hydrochloric acid is naturally produced by our body to digest the foods we eat. However, too much of this acid may cause GERD. To eradicate GERD, you should balance the acid levels in the body. The alkaline level in the body is the one to help in canceling out the excessive acid in the stomach and preventing GERD.

Stop Smoking. Not only that smoking might cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol and lung cancer, it may also contribute to the occurrence of GERD. You must stop smoking to get rid of GERD and any other complications that it might cause.

Change your Diet. Diet plays a role causing acid reflux, this is the reason why you need to change the way you eat, the amount you eat, and the things you eat. This is to directly deal with the condition.

Get a lot of Exercises. The solution for almost all health issue is having a proper daily exercise. Exercise positively helps the body to eliminate GERD. This is because doing exercise causes the heart to pump extra oxygen-rich blood through the body. If there is more oxygen, the organ’s functioning will be much better.

You should make some simple changes in your lifestyle to be able to get rid of GERD. Furthermore, you should try the above-mentioned treatments for GERD to make sure your health will never be at risk anymore.


You don’t need to endure the sudden pain in your throat, chest, neck and any other parts of your body. Especially if it is because of GERD. You should start fighting it before it becomes a more serious condition. There are some natural treatments for GERD and you will not spend much money since these mainly involves a change in the lifestyle.



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