Treatments For Hernia: Are These Really Beneficial?


One condition that can be very painful and may even cause death is hernia. Even though medical care is intensely recommended, there are still some home remedies or treatments for hernia. This actually includes castor seed oil, buttermilk, powder from black pepper, aloe vera, licorice, and ginger root. Furthermore, exercises, diet changes, weight loss, and some other lifestyle changes are also part of the treatments for hernia. In fact, if you change some of your lifestyles and take proper home remedies, medications, and treatments, you’ll be able to get rid of the illness faster and more efficient.

Hernia: What is it?

There are some people who claim to have hernia when they straining to lift a certain thing and then pull a force or even when they feel a twist in their body. However, that is not the actual thing. The real deal is that the condition is rather serious and must be considered to be fatal. Hernia may occur when a certain part of an organ or the adipose flesh breaks the cavity wall where it is to be found inside the body.

Furthermore, a hernia may also occur when a certain part of the internal body organ projects through the abdominal wall, which surrounds the muscles. Actually, hernia may often lead to no symptoms at all –but there are some cases that the patients feel mild to severe pain.

A hernia is most commonly to happen in the groin and in the abdomen, with some varieties, including incisional, umbilical, and hiatus. Moreover, a hernia may also be inguinal or femoral –the inguinal takes place in the inguinal canal, while the other one is in the femoral canal.

A femoral hernia can relatively be dangerous to women. In fact, to be able to fix it, surgery is needed. Hernia can actually be initiated by various things, from overstraining while lifting weights or excessive session of coughing to poor stance and severe impacts on the abdominal area.

Hernia: What are the symptoms of the condition?

The hernia symptoms may range from an inflammation that’s mild to a great pain and deadly complications. Actually, there are about 35,000 people in this world die with this illness. This is since there are some who don’t get the proper medications treatments for it. When the blood flow becomes strangled to various areas of the body or some organs during the event where hernia occurs, it may cause the internal bleeding and malfunction in the organs.

Furthermore, the condition may also be partially genetic, hence if you have any family member who has this condition, you are not safe from it. Moreover, there are also some factors that may contribute to making it much easier to develop hernia like pregnancy, obesity, smoking and more.

Hernia is actually classified as to where in the body it occurs. Some of the most common symptoms of the condition are as follows:

  • An incisional hernia: in this type of hernia, the condition may develop after an abdominal surgery. They are usually seen as a prominent bulge, which occurs in a scar.
  • An umbilical hernia: this is most common in the areas near the navel. This type of hernias is actually common to babies. Furthermore, this may also occur because of some rare diseases.
  • A femoral hernia: this actually occurs when a certain part of the intestine bulges out in a weak part of the abdominal wall in the thigh area.
  • An inguinal hernia: this shows symptoms like a bulge in the area of the groin. This may develop in whichever ide of the pubic bone. Moreover, it is more common to men than women.

Hernia: What causes the condition?

Some of the conditions that may cause hernia include:

  • Genetics
  • Family history of the condition
  • Fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity
  • Chronic lung illness
  • Strain during bowel movements or while urinating
  • Tenacious coughing
  • Obesity
  • Lifting heavy things

Home Remedies or Treatments for Hernia

Here are some of the best home remedies or treatments for hernia:

Licorice. The consumption of this tea may help in the stimulation of the regrowth of the tissues and may also relieve pain and inflammation.

Ginger root. This may help in boosting the stomach and reducing the pain. Moreover, it also helps in protecting the stomach and the esophagus from building up gastric juices that may happen in hernia.

Ice pack. Inflammation abdominal pain, and redness is some of the most common symptoms of the condition. When you apply ice pack to the affected area, it may cause contraction and may reduce inflammation in the body.

Aloe vera juice. Since it has a natural anti-inflammatory property and soothing effect, it is beneficial in treating hernia.

Castor seed oil. Castor oil is beneficial in treating various stomach conditions. This is since it helps in coating the stomach with a thin lining. This will prevent any inflammation and may encourage proper digestion.


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